Hello everyone,

I've been on an enforced break from TTC for the past 8 months so I'm not a familiar face I'm afraid, but I'm hoping ladies in the same boat as me will be able to share their experiences on these pregnancy support medications...

Quick background - I'm currently in secondary infertility purgatory. After 4 back to back miscarriages in the first trimester I've been seeing a highly specialised RE. After exhaustive testing it has been found that I have a very high count of anti-nuclear antibodies which have been linked to recurrent miscarriage, and my progesterone levels drop steeply towards the end of my luteal phase. As such we will be trying next month, and if we get a BFP I'll be on the following medication for most of the first trimester.

Note: Some of these brand names may be different as I'm in Australia, but I'll include their general purpose so hopefully you'll understand what I mean

Prednisolone (aka prednisone). A cortico-steroid to suppress my immune system and hopefully stop the ANAs from attacking the pregnancy.

Progesterone (suppositories). Twice daily - I was on these during my last pregnancy so I sort of know what to expect (tears!) but I'm not sure if it's different with other medications.

Clexane (aka heparin) injections to thin my blood.

Baby aspirin - again to thin my blood (not entirely sure why I'm on both).

Progynova - an estrogen based medication. From memory I would be taking these from post-O.

To be honest I'm a bit scared of all this. I've taken a peek at the side-effects online and they're all pretty serious drugs. I'm prepared for a rough ride, but how rough I don't know. Any success stories would be appreciated too, as well as cautionary tales.

Thank you for your help!