I'd like to lose some weight. In the past, this has not been so hard for me, but I'm in a place right now where I can't figure out what to cook. Hubby has Type 2 diabetes but is really skinny, so can't eat a lot of carbs but needs a high amount of fat and protein so he doesn't lose weight; he's tall, too, and needs around 3500 calories per day to just not lose weight. Twin boys who are 5. One is a vegetarian and hasn't eaten meat since he was a year old. Don't ask me why or how. WHAT DO I COOK? So that I can lose weight, hubby can maintain/gain and twin boys, rapidly growing, don't starve? I'm looking for any suggestions, not limited to cooking. Is there a meal plan website that would be helpful? Weight watchers? I don't want to do something totally separate for myself. One meal for everyone is my goal.