DD1 had her first day of preschool today and despite things going relatively smoothly, I am starting to get the feeling this school is not going to be the best fit for her.

Background info: DD1 turned 3 in late June. From the term after kids turn 3, they are eligible for 15 hrs per week of preschool, government funded. This isn't compulsory, but full time school starts the following year (Reception) at age 4, so if we don't do nursery this year, she goes from nothing to full time school, five days per week, 6.75 hrs per day. That's a huge jump so I'd like her to have some preschool this year.

Current situation: DD received an afternoon spot at the preschool attached to the primary school on our street. It's a lovely school, and incredibly convenient; however, the big issue I am having with the school is their flexibility. I only want DD to attend 3 afternoons per week, max, but the school's standard procedure is for the kids to attend five days per week for the 3 hrs each day. I mentioned my request back in the spring when visiting the school, and they seemed open to the idea then, but the nursery teaching staff has changed since then, as has the head teacher, so any informal discussions previously held are no longer relevant.

After today's session, I stayed behind to discuss with the teacher my plans to have DD attend 3 days per week. She was nice about it but made it very clear she was not in agreement with this plan and did not think the school would go for it. It was left that she will discuss it with the head teacher and get back to me, but my overall impression is that it is not going to be agreed, or if it is, it will be done so grudgingly and with the stipulation she attends 5 days/week by the January or April term, neither one of which is really ideal.

I've looked around a bit more and there are two other preschools somewhat nearby that seem to be more amenable to flexible scheduling. One of the schools I actually visited a few months ago and really liked it, but ultimately decided on our current preschool. I'm not sure either of these schools have any openings left for the current term, but I will be calling tomorrow to check.

My concern is pulling DD from her current preschool after only one day. She is not due back until Monday, but I'm wondering if either of these other schools have openings, should I just take it up and withdraw her from the current school now? We've talked up the current school so much and she knows her teachers' names etc, but she seemed so overwhelmed today. I know it was only the first day but I am just strongly opposed to putting her in for five days per week and if the school isn't willing to be flexible, I'm not willing to forgo what I believe is best for my daughter so they can tick all of their boxes neatly. If we go with one of the other schools, I will only be doing two mornings per week as that is truly my preference for this age, I'd compromise on 3 days at the current school, but definitely not more than that. I also worry that if she is the only one attending half the week, she may be missing out on things or be the odd child out, whereas the other schools have far more flexible scheduling and DD won't be out of the ordinary in attending two mornings per week.

This is a bit of jumbled mess, but what would you do in this situation? Would you move your LO? Would you do it now or wait to hear what the headteacher has to say? Is it better to move DD now or let her keep going to school a few more times before making that decision, and risk having her get a bit settled and then uprooting her? Would you just suck it up and let your child attend the full five days, even though you are a SAHP and truly don't believe it is necessary, nor advantageous, at this stage? So many questions.....