We finished off our office room in the house. We went with a fun color scheme since the rest of the house is pretty neutral.

We painted one wall a bright turquoise, and the other three walls a lighter beige. The furniture in the room is all dark. We have some black book shelves, a black desk and a dark grey couch. All the furniture is around beige walls. Nothing is against the bright wall, so it stands out.

There is a pretty big window in the centre of the turquoise wall. Originally, we were thinking of getting some dark curtains, thinking it would help make the wall pop. But now that we got our couch in (last night) I think there is enough black in the room, and I don't really want black curtains.

What accent colour do you think we should consider? The couch is directly across from the window, so I think getting some throw pillows to match the curtains would be a good idea.