What’s that saying, you aren’t married until you argue about the thermostat?

I keep the downstairs set at 67 during the day, and 62 at night when no one is down there. Upstairs is 65 around the clock.

My DH thinks it’s too cold. I’ve read that toddlers are fine at 65, especially if they’re wearing long pants and shirt and socks, and our 22 month has a blanket in there too. Our five year old has a heated mattress pad. Besides, studies say that people sleep better in cooler temperatures, and we save money this way. DH’s counter argument is that IT IS TOO BLOODY COLD.

What about you? Who gets to decide what the thermostat is set to? I’m winning the war so far, but DH might not put up with this forever.

EDIT: We have an Ecobee 4, so these are the temps I’ve scheduled, plus I have Follow Me on, so if a room is unoccupied where there’s a sensor, it might go a little lower. We keep the house at 50 when we are gone for an overnight trip. I stay at home, so we don’t really have an away schedule otherwise.