DS1 had pretty severe MSPI that we discovered when he was 10 weeks old. He was able to tolerate soy at 12 months and dairy at 18 months. DS2 is also MSPI (I was prepared for it this time, so noticed it at 2-3 weeks old). He is currently 7 months (ebf) and in the past two weeks I've been able to eat soy sauce and soy milk and haven't seen any reactions from him, so I'm also trying a small amount of dairy (we're talking bread baked with milk ingredients and a tiny amount of caramel sauce in my coffee). Is this really it?! Could he really have grown out of it this soon?! Part of me is ecstatic, part of me is sad bc I myself feel so much better when I don't eat dairy, but don't have the self control to avoid it unless it's while I'm nursing a sensitive LO