My first dog ever Dutch is getting older. We adopted him nearly 11 years ago and he was full grown at the time- so he's at least 13. He's a lab/Aussie/Chow mix about 65 lbs. His health has been going downhill. He seems confused and startled easier than usual. He has been getting scared and hiding in corners and refusing to go outside at least daily. Lately he has been losing his ability to hold it overnight and his tummy seems upset. He has been going poo inside more and more often. This morning I woke up to liquid poo explosion all over our dining room. He was just in for his check up Tuesday at the vet and said he is aging but fine. He's my husbands dog so it's not really up to me but I don't want to see him suffer. Is this the end or could it get better?

When did you know it was time to say goodbye.