We JUST had our second daughter on Saturday. She has already brought so much joy and love to our lives. I know for sure that I want one more baby to complete our family. My DH says absolutely not due to our age (I’m 39, he’s 40) and finances. He didn’t think he wanted a 2nd either, but here we are and he’s very happy that we did. Do you think I should push the issue or just let things happen if they happen? I’m not planning on going on birth control. But, I’ll breastfeed as long as baby wants to, so probably won’t ovulate for a year or so anyway. I didn’t ovulate with my first until 18 months. We did have to use fertility drugs and IUI for both girls. So, I’m just thinking if it happens naturally, it was meant to be. Anyway, is anyone else in the same situation? Or have you been there in the past?