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When you think you've found a new friend...

  1. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    1) I hate when you are blindsided by it...R+F is I believe the worst offender...I have had two college "friends" literally fake interest in my life to try to sell me an expensive regime...
    2) People who are not educated trying to sell skincare, essential oils and dieting tools...you are not an expert please dont act like one - its reckless
    3) Please dont presume I want to be a SAHM with a job on the side...If one more person suggests "dont you want this opportunity to stay home with the girls?"...no and shame on you for implying all women should want that!!!
    4) I actually hate when they sell it as "support my small business"...news flash...there is a CEO making BANK on your "small business"...so ya - its not really a small business...call it what it is..."support my paycheck"...

    I can handle selling - in a low pressure way. I can handle the parties (I just dont go if I have no interest in the product)...but stop trying to recruit me or sell me something that implies I need to fix a component of my life (skin, weight, etc...).

    Full disclosure...I sell jewelry for a direct selling company - but it is not an MLM structure...so it feels way less icky and I only post things from my "business" page so that only people who want to see it can...

  2. MrsBucky

    kiwi / 656 posts

    I struggle with MLM sales too. I feel for the women who feel that is their only option, but most of them feel scammy to me, and like they alienate you from your social network, which is so important to have, especially when you SAH FT. LLR does seem to have a cult following and due to their imposed scarcity, I get that there is supposed to be less competition between consultants since people want to seek out certain pieces. But that annoys me too! I don't want to have to work that hard to spend my money, and the idea of "social buying" is not my jam. And being spammed by friends for give aways that require ME to harass MY network... no, just no. Overall, I really do hope that people get what they want out of it, but the up front cost to join makes me nervous for them. And to the point of the OP, I agree that sales pitches should be 1) upfront and honest about what they are, and 2) should be done through a business page on FB so I can opt out of following that without opting out of your friendship.

  3. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    I don't have an issue with MLMs in general-I am happy to support friends if it is a product I truly love. I do have a problem with being approached by near strangers (Facebook friends, new friends, etc) to try and sell their product.

    Someone I've never met, but I think we go to the same gym, messaged me recently and told me I am "beautiful and take great selfies so I would be great at what she does." I was really turned off and tried to shut it down by saying I have a few part time jobs and another little one due pretty soon and she kept at it by saying that she thought she wouldn't have enough time either, but it's been great with her schedule. I finally had to come right out and say "no" to put an end to it.

    I have had a couple other bad encounters that I won't go into. I actually fell in love with doTERRA essential oils and held some classes and tried selling them for a while, but I felt so icky about being associated with all of the "wrong" ways that people go about it that I quit doing it pretty quickly. I still use my oils, though, and if there were other products I was interested in I would happily turn to my real friends who aren't pushy about it to purchase them.


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