My LO has COVID (according to a rapid test at her pediatrician's office this morning). She has symptoms of a mild-average cold, and generally has a strong immune system, so I am not too worried at the moment. But I feel SO BAD about the effect on her school, teacher, and classmates.

LO went to the school nurse on Friday afternoon complaining of a sore throat. The nurse looked her over, gave her some water, and sent her back to class. She emailed me, and I said we would keep an eye on it over the weekend. By Sunday, LO had a runny nose and intermittent cough, so we decided to keep her home and take her to the ped today. Logically, I know that we couldn't have done anything differently to keep some of her classmates from counting as close contacts, and now having to quarantine, but I still feel AWFUL. Has anyone else dealt with this? How big a gift card should I send her teacher?

Also, it is killing me that we got SO CLOSE to getting her vaccinated! Eff this effing virus!