hi guys, i need some help to decide which diono(s) to buy for my boys. We currently have a britax marathon (which will be passed on to their little sister who is growing out of her bucket seat) and another brand of carseat (which is expiring soon and not a great one).

there's a 15% off sale this month at our local store, so we're gonna bite the bullet and buy two for our older boys (2.5 and 4).

our boys are fairly tall (38"/35lbs and 44"/43lbs), and i think i'd like them to use the 5 pt harness for a bit longer before switching to the booster option.

we drive a six seat mazda 5.

i'd prefer to spend less (of course) but if it really makes a big difference we are ok to spend more.

we do air travel with the carseats about twice a year but we check them and we don't care much about weight etc. otherwise we don't usually need to install/reinstall them often.

thanks in advance for your help!

i was/am interested in the britax frontier as well, but $$$!!!

we are in canada, if anyone knows of any good deals right now...