I have just started putting my LO down for bedtime around 8pm, he is almost 7 weeks old and up to this point I've just held him in my arms until I'm ready to go to bed with him. But now I nurse him to sleep on our bed.
But since he's on our bed I constantly want to check on him, even though we have the sound monitor, I just need peace of mind. He's always fine, I check him every half hour or so and he's been doing great.
I want to get a video monitor desperately now that he's sleeping by himself. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Reading reviews on BRU is daunting. So many are a mix of negative/positive. Or I find one that is positive but then has one major flaw. I liked the Summer Infant Color one, but all the reviews said that after just a couple months the battery won't charge.

what have you used, how long have you had it, was it worth the price?