A couple of follow-up questions to that:
-When did you go into labor?
-What did you do with your kid(s)? Did the person watching come to you or did you take your kids to them?
-If they came to your house, when did they arrive?

I'm dreading going into labor spontaneously. I do have an induction scheduled but if I go into labor, I need to figure out a plan.

My inlaws live nearby but don't drive at night. Last time, we went to the hospital at 4am.

We want to keep our daughter at our house or close by (like at a friend's house that also has kids at her school) b/c I want her to go to school.

The last thing I want is for someone to be in my house while I am in labor, moaning and groaning. And possibly in my way, too if I'm walking around and they're around. I just don't want anyone around except my husband and daughter!!

I'm probably over-thinking this....but isn't that what hellobee is for?