I've been on bed rest since Thanksgiving because of pre-e. Blood pressure has been high, protein in urine, low platelets, crazy swelling. I was hospitalized twice but all these symptoms (except for the swelling) went away once I was lying down on my side for a few hours. So because of the bed rest I haven't been able to walk/exercise/no sex/nothing to let nature take it's course and encourage natural labor.
So yesterday I was given my induction date. I go in Friday night to get started on Cytotec (cervix is soft and thin and baby has come down low but not dilated) and then Saturday morning will get going on Pitocin.
I'm nervous. I would like a normal vaginal delivery (I will accept pain management if I feel like it's needed, this pregnancy has been hard on my body.). But I also understand that sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to. And if necessary I will not refuse a csection, I don't want to cause my baby any more stress in there.

Anyone have a good induction story? That it worked out/vaginal delivery/no big deal? I'm trying to just breathe and relax and make peace with it all...