I recently changed jobs, which means my original plan of having LO in daycare from 730-330 went out the window. I'm now working a normal 8-5 schedule with an hour lunch. The daycare we are putting her in encourages moms to come nurse/feed at lunchtime, and I'd love to do this...but I have questions!

As a not-yet-mom, I have no idea how long a typical nursing session takes. It takes me 15 mins to get to the daycare from work, so round trip leaves me 30mins of nursing time. Is that enough? Would it be better to feed her a pumped bottle? Am I going to be late back to work every day?

Also, if you did this, did your baby react badly when you left after the nursing? I would hate to get her riled up every day, even if I do want to see her as much as possible.

I'd love to hear y'alls experiences with visiting day care to nurse/feed during the day!