Hi ladies - just a warning about a bad batch of Wondfos I just got!

Wondfo lot W00140378-3 exp 3/2016 with the pink handles is giving false positives.

Saturday, I got a second (but faint) line on a test. I didn't think it was an evap as it came up within 5 minutes, was thick, had color and withstood the "wash out" test.

Tested again Saturday night, Sunday morning (twice) and Monday morning. Faint lines appeared on 3 of those tests (including 1 "positive" and 1 negative from the same cup!)

Sunday's FRER was definitely negative.

A beta today (Monday morning) had my hcg as less than 1. A Wondfo from that batch showed a positive Monday morning.

I asked my dr about a chemical (since I had one last cycle) and she said no, hcg wouldn't drop so fast, it's a faulty test.

So please beware ladies. I don't want anyone else to be upset by this!