So...I've been back to work for a month+...the first 3 weeks were easy peasy as I was the only one using the Mothers Room to pump. I was out all last week (DD2 had a yucky HFM like virus) and all of the sudden there are now 5 of us using the room...looking for some input here:

1) The room is 6'x3' and the door opens "IN". No option for two people to use it at once.
2) 3 of us have LOs who are 4mos or younger...meaning we still pump each 3x a day
3) There is another Mothers Room in a separate building on campus...we COULD walk to it but we dont know who is using it, it easily adds 10 mins each way and its a bathroom - which grosses us out.
4) There are oodles of empty offices in my building...ok maybe not oodles but definitely enough!

Would you throw a stink with HR? They are telling me the best they can do is add our current room to Outlook so we can formally schedule it...but that doesnt help. We are 30 year old professionals...we can schedule without outlook. We need more space...we all want to pump at the same time...(understandable)...

We arent asking for much...I'd just love them to put up curtains in one of the empty ones as a backup!