I think my breastfeeding journey is over and I feel so conflicted about it. I had no problems nursing DS1 for 15 months and no issues til DS2 turned 6 months and started solids. He's 9.5 months now so we had a good run.
I'm pretty sure he's not getting enough milk for a few reasons. 1. Pretty dry diapers 2. Terrible pulling on my nipples (never used to) 3. Only 7th percentile for height at the last 2 checkups but 65th for weight so he's a can of 🌽 4. Seems insatiable for solid food 5. Nurses super quick (I think he eventually gives up after trying to rip my nipples off) 6. I never pump more than 2 ounces 😵
I really wanted to get to a year. We have brutal winters and he's starting daycare soon, so I know he will get very sick and I wanted to nurse for a year through that. I guess that's silly though.
I've been supplementing with formula (Baby's Only Organic) and he loves it, no issues at all.
Is it possible to nurse 3xs a day and supplement with formula? I feel like my supply is even lower now.
I don't want him to be hungry.
I'm just a little sad 😟