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  1. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @math.nerd: we are those people where they ask for the name for the bassinet tag and we’re like ummmm ... we’ll get back to you

  2. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    @bhbee: Ha ha! My sister didn't pick a name for her baby for like two days and I gave her SUCH a hard time about it. So now, I mostly need a name at the ready so she doesn't yell at me for being a hypocrite!

  3. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    Ok random question, the matching bday post made me think of it. We are thinking we will stick to inducing on 8/8-10 if we get there. 8/8 is our anniversary. I think it’s kind of a cool bday but dh isn’t so sure. I also just think Wednesday sounds like a good day, we go home friday and have a relaxing weekend. My ob is on my side , she won’t be there any of those days anyway but said she likes the on call drs.

    What do you think, will I regret that overlap? Clearly it could happen anyway and kid will be born within a week of it regardless. Just overthinking to pass the time


    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    @Seslsesl: I think we were writing over each other at the same time this morning-- I was commuting but can't do HB at work, so here i am--nice reminder that I need to sanitize the bottles and pacis I say as long as you have lip balm and stretchy soft yoga pants in your hospital bag you're in good shape. 39 weeks!!!! can't wait for your babyboy's-here post

    also I'm a big proponent of hiding from the world and shirking obligation, so take it with a grain of salt, but IMO large-sized "fuck that" re the office retreat. Unless you work for Kim Jong Un no one in their right mind would expect a woman 2 days from her due date to be "retreating" with co-workers.


    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    @bhbee: wait, why would the hospital inform whether or not someone gets a c-section? isn't that in the hands of your OB group and their ethos? I'm clearly naive and have no idea what I'm talking about. try not to worry Austin is my hometown but my years-long ex was from dallas so I have spent a lot of time there. and personally I didn't forget the misery of the end but what are you gonna do, not have kids?

    @math.nerd: I think I have a first name but no middle. my closest friends think I should use MY first name for her middle, but I'm not sold... it feels kind of conceited ?? is that stupid? my middle name sounds phonetically terrible with my chosen first name, so that doesn't work. I really want the middle name to be after my best friend and favorite person on earth, but I don't actually like her name that much (your dilemma!) so, no progress. we didn't choose a name for my son until literally 20 minutes before we checked out of the hospital on the last day--people can hold their horses. I would take private freeways over shared Central Park in a heartbeat, but here it is from 8/30/16 in all its glory.

  6. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    Alright last chance for a July baby from our group! Any takers?

    I had my burst of energy today (except for a couple hour crash) and got the last must do stuff done. Figured out our new car seat setup, packed my bag and made a list of the last minute stuff like toiletries just in case we’re rushing. Even made something to freeze! So I’d like to think that means baby is coming soon but probably it means baby will hold out as long as possible ...

    How is everyone doing? Anything exciting going on with nursery prep or names or last minute stuff? We are still not decided on a name but I’ve just decided when baby comes it’ll force the issue and we’ll figure it out!

  7. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @LCTBQE: it’s funny how men give sons their first name as middle all the time, but it seems less natural for women. If you like the names I say go for it! My oldest shares my middle name which was my grandmother’s first name and I think it makes her feel special. Dh wants to give this one two middle names after both our mothers but I am not on board ... it’s so much name and they don’t sound great together.

  8. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    @LCTBQE: UGH. Why do the people we love have such terrible names? I love that you want to honor your friend though, that's so sweet!

    I'm heading into my last week of work before leave. I can't believe it!

    My main worry now is that I feel like I'm feeling way less movement. I know she's a big baby and I'm heading close to 36 weeks -- but is it normal to feel less movement as she gets bigger and settles in? My paranoid brain keeps thinking the worst. But then I'll feel a tiny bit of movement and think it's OK. It's just not like it was a few weeks ago when my whole belly would bounce around for minutes at a stretch!

    It's so strange to have had a baby before, but not know this simple 3rd trimester stuff!

  9. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @math.nerd: I’ve had this conversation about movement with my ob this time. She said as long as you can stop and do a kick count if you’re worried (which is like 5 in an hour or something?) you’re ok. I think a big piece is once you’re past 1 kid you notice it less, plus they settle in and the movements really are smaller / less violent for lack of a better word. When I had my last sonogram all the baby did was just move a bit to resettle - she’s cuddled down in there for sure! I totally get the worry though.

  10. LCTBQE

    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    @bhbee: wow good for you for getting stuff done! I have tasked my husband with buying our new car this week, and I’m getting the baby’s dresser delivered next week and then I’ll be able to set up the nursery so it’s functional. It’s not Instagram-cute-decorated yet but I have bigger fish to fry. Re names, yeah everyone I know with two middle names, the latter one ends up getting kind of half-dropped? Not to say it can’t work, but if you don’t even like the names... maybe it can’t work and for us the idea started from my girlfriend telling me she had her mom’s middle name as her middle name and she loved it and like you said, it made her feel special. My middle name sounds phonetically awful with the first name I want, my first name sounds okay with it but not amazing. I think I’ll do your method and bring a short list to the hospital and then decide. Yes agree that men don’t blink an eye about passing a name along, and women don’t about passing their maiden names, so I dunno why I feel reluctant.
    @math.nerd: you know, my friends name isn’t awful and I don’t think Virginia is awful at all! I mean it isn’t Gertrude or something, just not our taste. I might just use my friends name anyway because I love her that much. And agreed about movement, I am feeling less in general and it makes me paranoid—like yesterday was really quiet and then this morning she kicked the shit out of my ribs. One thing I haven’t been doing but did constantly with my son was lying down on the couch and eating fruit popsicles, the sugar and the cold would always get him moving. I was going through like 4 nestle outshine popsicles a day. Try it!

  11. LCTBQE

    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    so, had a nice intense fake-out today--started having contractions around 10:30am, they picked up and between 1-2 pm I had TWELVE. went across the street to my OB (she's 1 block from my work) and after 20 minutes in her waiting room they started dying down. I got monitored and got a cervical check, I'm completely closed and they're not worried at all. Good thing, because I am kind of counting on another couple of weeks here to get my ducks in a row. phew! who's ready for bed...

  12. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @LCTBQE: ugh I hate false alarms. I was sure for a couple hours I was having my son at 37w on Christmas Day ... nope 3 weeks later. So I hope you get the time you need too!

    I also had a bunch of painful contractions today (although clearly not rhythmic yet just a lot) and I had the opposite reaction let’s get on with this!! I’m going to have a check tomorrow and I’m going to be so upset if there’s no progress even though I know it’s not meaningful.

    I’m less emotionally stable by the day right now. Haven’t been able to talk myself into pumping yet but maybe it’s time ...

  13. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @Seslsesl: happy due/guess date! how are you hanging in there? Thinking of you!

  14. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    Scheduled my induction for 8/8. I’m so done! Nervous about it and still hoping I can go before then!

  15. Seslsesl

    olive / 50 posts

    Popping in to say HE'S HERE!

    Miles was born on Sunday, 7/29 at 6:37pm after an intense but overall awesome labor and delivery! I would have updated sooner, but this is literally the first time I've opened my computer since leaving for the hospital on Sunday. A recap of the last couple of days...(sorry it's long!)

    Sunday - I woke up and was feeling kind of crampy and strong braxton hicks, but had felt similar on Friday with ZERO sign of baby, so I tried to not pay too much attention. Then, when I went to the bathroom for the morning I noticed bloody mucus and thought it might be my bloody show and that labor was on the way, but still didn't want to get too excited. I went about my day timing contractions and thinking things were probably getting started, but still didn't want to make a big deal. We organized the house as much as possible, did last minute chores, and eventually decided to send my daughter to our friends around 2:00 I think...

    My husband convinced me that we should go to the hospital just in case since my first birth went from 7 minute apart contractions to right on top of each other. I thought we'd get there and I'd be 0 centimeters dilated and they'd send us home since my contractions were all over the place and not that strong, but I was 3 centimeters and they admitted us around 4:45. Pretty soon after that they were right on top of each other and super intense and by 6:10 I asked the midwife to check me because I felt kind of pushy. She was kind but clearly thought I was over-reacting since she'd checked me less than 2 hours ago and I was only 3 centimeters and 70% effaced. She checked and kind of shouted, "Oh, the baby is right there!". Then things got busy in the room, I had a few more contractions to get to a full 10 and pushed him out in 10 minutes!

    He was super healthy and perfect and it was just amazing.

    We decided to stay for just 24 hours and left Monday night so that we could settle in at home with our daughter and get into our new normal. I was completely fine after delivery (no tearing, bleeding under control), and baby Miles was eating a ton, pooping and peeing, no jaundice - perfect! I can't begin to describe how lucky I feel to have had such an easy delivery and healthy baby

    We've been settling in the last two days at home - Miles eats a ton, sleeps a lot, is super cute, and so far incredibly easy (which I know can change at the drop of a dime). My daughter has been an absolute trooper getting used to everything, is completely in love with her little brother and wants to help and hold and check on him all the time. Bedtime and afternoons can get a little dicey when she wants quality time with me, so we're still working on that, but so far, my husband has been wonderful about keeping her busy and happy so that I can focus on breastfeeding, resting, and recovering.

    Sorry for the long post, but I love birth stories and wanted to share a quick-ish version of mine, and am in the blissed out post-partum stage where I want to share everything. I'm going to read through what I've missed the last few days and catch up on everyone else - hope you're all feeling great and babies come soon

  16. Seslsesl

    olive / 50 posts

    @math.nerd: I was super paranoid about movement the last couple of weeks. I'd lay and do kick counts and he'd move a lot - I think for me it was a mix of being too distracted to notice and also that they move less once they get closer to due date. He tricked me a few times though because he was very active in the days leading up to delivery and I thought it meant he wasn't coming anytime soon...

  17. MrsDynamiteGal

    cherry / 119 posts

    @Seslsesl: Congratulations mama! So happy for you all.

  18. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @Seslsesl: oh yay congrats!!! and love the story thank you for sharing!

  19. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    Well I may be a true believer on the pump now (at least for this time ... was never sure if it did anything last time). Talked myself into it after freaking out a bit about induction (and it sucked just like i remembered!) - got some contractions but nothing that was going anywhere. But woke up to (tmi) lots of mucus and some bloody show! I still don’t feel like I’m starting labor but it must have done something.

    Except now I’m really confused because the last two times I only saw bloody show when I was clearly in labor. Hoping it means I can have this baby before Wednesday!

  20. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    August Mamas

    Seslsesl: (#2) Miles born 7/29!

    2nd: CaliforniaDreams (#3)
    10th: bhbee (#3)
    24th: LCTBQE (#2)
    27th: coffeemom (#3)
    31st: Math.Nerd (#2)

    LabradorLover (2/9!!!!)

  21. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    @Seslsesl: Mazel Tov!!!! I love birth stories - if you decide to write a longer one, please share! I hope things continue to go well for your growing family!

    @bhbee: Hooray for the pump! Sounds like we'll be reading your birth story soon too??!

  22. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @math.nerd: I could totally go for this weekend. Haha right! Even if this baby sticks it out until the induction every step in the right direction makes me happy!

  23. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 239 posts

    @Seslsesl: Congratulations!!!

  24. LCTBQE

    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    @Seslsesl: oh my gosh, congratulations!!! that's wonderful news, so glad to hear you have your little dude and I loved reading your story. it sounds like the best experience possible, I hope that for all of us Miles sounds like a dream

    @bhbee: hiiii????? I can't wait to hear what happens (hopefully something!) thinking of you xxx

    you guys might have seen my update about my dad in my other thread, I have been pretty preoccupied by that this week but just incredibly grateful that he will get to meet this baby. haven't had any other contractions since my fake-out, phew.

  25. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @LCTBQE: i am so happy it worked out for your dad! I can’t imagine what a weight off that must be and how much it adds to the joy of the baby coming. Hoping things stay smooth on all fronts until your little girl is here!

    I told dh tonight I am not thinking we’ll make it to Wednesday. I’ve continued to pass mucus stuff all day and had some mega contractions while making the kids dinner and putting away groceries and stuff, but it didn’t stay strong when I relaxed. I told dh maybe I should try to kick start it again (I’m still having some) and he was like let’s try for tomorrow night, I have a big meeting tomorrow I’m not holding my breath for anything super soon but I figure I gave it a good try with a cervical check yesterday (though i forgot to ask for membrane stripping!), the pumping and prenatal chiro today. If nothing else I’m just in a better mental place today!

  26. LCTBQE

    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    @bhbee: thank you so much, it is a huge weight off. it sounds like things are percolating! and last time when I asked for a membrane stripping on my due date they wouldn't give it to me, my office doesn't like them because of risk of infection or something? but seems like everyone on HB gets offered one like it's a piece of Trident. hahaha re the big meeting, fingers crossed it's him meeting his daughter

  27. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    Well my ob just called in valtrex for me to treat suspected shingles. A fitting end to a pregnancy where I’ve already been on antivirals once! Getting it early so hopefully that avoids the worst of the rash which is the dangerous part for a baby.

  28. LCTBQE

    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    @bhbee: oyyy that stinks, just seeing this. are you feeling okay? what happened to indicate that you had shingles? your baby will be out just fine in days!

    started having nightmares about not getting to the hospital in time and getting laid off from my job at 9 months pregnant otherwise doing okay and I am officially DONE commuting to work, phew.

  29. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @LCTBQE: ugh to nightmares but YAY to no more commuting! That is awesome! Do you plan to work as long as possible or is there an end date in mind?

    Now I apologize but I need a little pity party I’m in such a weird situation and it’s really freaking me out.

    As to shingles, sadly I’ve had it before and am one of the “lucky” ones where it can resurface multiple times. The first sign is usually weird nerve sensations (itchy/burning/etc) and then it progresses into serious nerve pain and a rash along the nerve path. Like last time, this started on my back (it follows the nerve path so usually just one side of the body) and by the end of Friday wrapped around the front. It’s generally easier on younger people (but much less common) and I just have no idea how older people stand it as it can last weeks (and sometimes create chronic pain). I described it to my husband as a mix between itching/creepy crawly feeling/someone stabbing you constantly. I can’t sleep worth crap but my mom switched her flight to come today so at least I can focus on myself.

    I just have no idea how to approach this in tandem with labor. The antiviral already makes me nauseous/dizzy so more drugs don’t seem like a good answer beyond keeping up Tylenol. I figure labor pain will eclipse the nerve pain, but not sure what happens on the other side and worried it will take away from happy bonding time with the baby. Also it wraps around the top of my breast on the right side, so what the heck is engorgement going to feel like?? My milk came in about 24 hours after my second. I guess my big hope is that with baby out, my immune system can do a little better at getting rid of this. The other scary part is if the rash develops, it has the potential to give the baby chicken pox (since it’s the same virus), which can be super dangerous. My ob already said it would be ok, I’d just have to be careful to keep it covered and wash my hands like crazy but UGH.

    Ok, end freakout. Just writing it out helps a bit. I told dh I’m more worried than ever about induction meds so once my mom is here for the kids, I’m going for it on trying to get labor going.

  30. LCTBQE

    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    @bhbee: hi, this SUCKS, I am so sorry to hear it how are you feeling? any signs of the rash so far? I would be freaked out too, but hope that it's reassuring to you that your OB is taking it seriously but not overly concerned about you passing it to the baby. is it worth calling your ped and discussing with him/her as well? I know you're into natural birth and that your son came super quickly, but wondering if an epidural would take the edge off during birth if you're really in pain? I dunno, just throwing it out there, feel free to disregard. what a stinker are you still on the books to induce tomorrow? what time are you scheduled to go in?

  31. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    @LCTBQE: yes I am having a baby tomorrow! Going in at 7. I have a ton of pressure so while not really expecting to go tonight I think my body is pretty ready. And whatever, we need to be on the other side of this. I’m super glad I called for meds asap on Friday because I do think today the pain is changing for the better - still sucks but can address it a bit better. And I’ve had some redness but no blister rash which if it stays that way would make this not contagious. So even though the meds make me super nauseous I’m feeling a lot more hopeful today. I think part of that is also that I managed to sleep more than 45 minutes at a time in the second half of last night!

    And I’m totally with you on the epi, already had that discussion with my husband several times. Even just going into an induction made me open to meds if needed - and if I’m feeling overwhelmed from cytotec or nerve pain or whatever I’m definitely giving it a try. I’m still hoping my body can do most of the work vs needing lots of induction meds but really feel like it will be ok no matter what. Plus my childcare is here so no freaking out about that!

    Looking forward to having a baby in arms for my next post Then it seems like a long time until our next due date but we’re all in the “any day” zone pretty much!!

  32. LabradorLover

    apricot / 472 posts

    @bhbee: Good luck tomorrow!!!

  33. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1458 posts

    @bhbee: Just chiming in here to wish you the smoothest birth possible! It sounds like your body really is gearing up!

  34. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 239 posts

    @bhbee: Thinking of you tomorrow!!

  35. Seslsesl

    olive / 50 posts

    @bhbee: Catching up to say so sorry to hear about the shingles and GOOD LUCK with labor and delivery today. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  36. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    Thanks everyone! I really thought I might be in labor last night but no regularity to contractions - hopefully it helped though, that baby is low!! Just got my cytotec at 9:30 and everyone is being great about our plans so we’ll see what happens!

  37. LCTBQE

    GOLD / nectarine / 2135 posts

    @bhbee: YAYYY you're on the way!!! It's going to be great can't wait for your updates. xx

  38. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    @bhbee: thinking of you!!!!

  39. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4242 posts

    We had a baby! she decided to show up at 8:12 on 8/8/18 - 8lb 15oz and 21” with huge cheeks! Good 9th anniversary present

    The cytotec basically did nothing for my cervix (just gave me non-productive contractions) so the ob overseeing decided to try breaking my water around 2:30 even though it was still technically early in the game - ended up a good call and got things moving but I just decided at that point I wasn’t feeling myself, already felt exhausted from the past week and needed to ditch my birth plan. We waited until 4:30 and things were moving so I decided to get an epidural to try not to wear myself out. It ended up being awesome because I didn’t lose all feeling in my legs and kept some mobility but couldn’t feel a thing in the middle once we had it adjusted. It brought my mood right back to a good place. They had kind of a hard time with my catheter which ended up slowing down the final descent but once that was fixed she came right down and I pushed about 10m. Only about 6 hours or less of things really happening but for sure she did not really want to come today! The epidural was soooo surreal after two unmedicated labors but I mean that in the best way possible. A peaceful slower birth was just what I needed this time.

    No name yet but I’m sure we’ll figure it out tomorrow (today? I’m so confused about time!) and I’m looking forward to the big kids coming to meet her.

    Can’t wait to read the next birth story!!

  40. MrsDynamiteGal

    cherry / 119 posts

    @bhbee: Congratulations!

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