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    @bhbee: oh that’s so smart to give the toddler/older kid presents at home, I’m going to do that. I got my son a really cute little baby doll a few weeks ago to introduce him to the idea of a baby—he is a maniac for his stuffed animals but dude could NOT care less about it what a boy. Saving it for my daughter, haha. And I don’t think your induction plan is selfish at all! You’re doing it for your other kids and your sanity, not so you can take a girls solo trip to Cabo, man. My OB offered to schedule one for me starting around 39+ weeks if I haven’t gone early; I’m leaning towards waiting just because my son came naturally right on time, but not getting attached to any specific plan just yet. That’s so great that your to do list is mostly done! I forget, are you putting the baby in a converted dining room, or doubling up your older kids, or both?? Makes sense re hiccups. I get a growth scan on Monday, so I’ll get to see exactly what position she’s got going on. And yes, tons of pressure, I’m only 34 weeks but so so uncomfortable my veins are out of control and very painful, too, and they’re making the pressure feel worse. Well, it’s really the home stretch

  2. bhbee

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    @LCTBQE: you are right about the home stretch! The pressure is kind of reminding me of early labor and it’s like ohhhhhh crap

    I can’t take much credit for my list being nearly done since I basically had nothing on it! Yay to baby 3! We’re not redecorating anything which helps. Both kids keep their room, crib is in my son’s room with a girly sheet on it and we’ll see how it goes. My 6yo actually wants the baby to sleep with her but that’s probably because she doesn’t remember how much her brother woke up!!

    Oh and too funny about the baby doll. My son is kind of into the one we got my daughter before he was born but if that baby’s treatment is any indication we are in trouble! He did tell me once the baby will need straps on when he pushes the stroller ...

  3. bhbee

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    @Seslsesl: hope today went ok! Thinking of you!

  4. Seslsesl

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    @bhbee: Thank you! The ECV went well, but I'm not convinced that baby will stay put!

    I went in expecting it to be pretty intense, possibly painful, but it really wasn't bad at all. Just a little discomfort and pressure, and baby was turned in 5-6 minutes. It was not easy for the OB though - he kept trying and trying baby would get in position then pop his head back up. Finally he tried to turn him the other way and he cooperated!

    I think baby has already turned transverse, but I can't tell if I'm totally in my head or actually can tell his position from the movements I'm feeling. I'm trying to be at peace with the fact that he'll go where he'll go and the most important is that he arrives safely....but I really don't want a c-section! I have my 38 week appt with my midwife on Monday, so I'll know for sure then if he's still head down or not!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

  5. bhbee

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    @Seslsesl: hope that baby is head down for you still! You are so close!

    How is everyone doing? Any babies yet?

    Things are feeling real (and surreal at the same time) - my mom is coming 3 weeks from today to watch my older kids (assuming no baby before then). I am totally holding onto that idea because I feel pretty bad but don’t really think this baby will come early. I am so ready to feel like myself again!

    Hope everyone is hanging in there!

  6. math.nerd

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    @bhbee: I so feel ready to feel like myself again - but I know that's still a long time coming :-). I finally admitted to myself the other day that I just can't physically do stuff - like pick up my 4 year old - or even really a laundry basket - and I have to come to terms with it. I'm only 33+ weeks!

    Trying to determine when I'll leave work, either at 36 or 37 weeks. Trying to wrap things up here to leave all my work in good hands. It's very strange!

    @Seslsesl: I hope baby stays put! I totally hear you on not wanting a C-section! I know that if I have to, it's fine, but I'd just rather not be recovering from surgery when we bring a new baby home on top of everything else.

    My post-partum doula recommended a recipe to make these soothing ice pads for recovery and I just ordered all the special oils and stuff to pre-make them and I'm actually REALLY excited about it. I don't really know why - maybe it's a nesting this? But, why question it - just enjoy the ride right?

    OH last thought - two of my closest friends recently had their second babies (like within a few days of each other a few weeks ago) and so far they both say that things have been easier this time around. It was super reassuring for me to hear - so hopefully it's helpful for other 2nd time moms here (although I know some of you are 3rd timers!!)

    Ok, enough from me. Hope you're all well! Can't believe there will be actually babies soon! EEK!

  7. bhbee

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    @math.nerd: I found the second time SO much easier! On all fronts ... labor (1/4 of the time for me!), recovery, bf, and just generally knowing what to do.


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    @Seslsesl: yesss stay down there baby! How can you tell if he’s transverse?? Glad turning him worked (at least for a bit) and wasn’t too painful @bhbee: @math.nerd: omg, amen to feeling like yourself again. I am so worn out that I honestly have moments where I can’t remember what it feels like to just like, get up from sitting on the floor, or tie my shoes. I want my body back but I remember last time I didn’t feel like I *really* had it back until I weaned at 12 months then I got pregnant 3 months later, haha. Mathnerd what are the pp pads?! Are they easy to make? Speaking of prep, anyone make any freezer meals yet?

    AFM I had a growth scan Monday and she is head down and exactly average size. Maybe I won’t have to deliver another 9-pounder

  9. math.nerd

    cherry / 241 posts

    @LCTBQE: The pads are just overnight maxi pads presoaked in a blend of witch hazel and aloe vera and lavender oil. You put them in the freezer and use as needed. A friend of mine said she did something similar and she LOVED them! I'm sure you could find a recipe online (I can also message you what the doula gave me if you're interested).

    @bhbee: Hooray about second babies! I'm hopeful that's the case for me too. I know that I'm such a worry-wart/perfectionist/neurotic head case, so I know that I'll be able to stress myself out somehow, but I do hope that I'll take some of what I learned from the first time around

  10. bhbee

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    @LCTBQE: with you on hoping for a baby under 9! My first was “only” 8.5 and hoping this one comes out about the same (I’ve given up hope on smaller since my kids are super tall ... weird since I’m 5’2” and dh is 5’7”!)

    I was sooo much more organized for meals last time. I did make a lasagna last time my mom visited and we split it into three small pans (since I hate having to eat too much of any one thing). Other than that I’ve just made a bunch of rice and bean burritos - no cooking required! I figure I’m past the point of doing any more but we can live off TJs as needed

  11. LCTBQE

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    Agh my original response did post after all?! Website said it ate it and then it didn’t show up on my phone after multiple refreshes. Wtf.

  12. LCTBQE

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    @bhbee: I am so into your third-timer chill-ness. Yes to pp bean burritos. Just had a regular OB appt and the doctor told me to eat low carb for the next month and that was the only thing I could do to inform/control the size of the baby. I didn’t tell him I was too tired to make a salad

    @math.nerd: I have all that stuff!! Yes would you post the recipe here?

  13. LCTBQE

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    Also just remembered I had a prominent linea nigra last time and nothing at all this time. Is that weird?

  14. bhbee

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    @LCTBQE: generally weird maybe but pregnancy weird no still time too! I never get much of one and just at the very end

    Oh also ... screw the low carb unless it sounds good to you. At the end with my son alllll I wanted was protein and he was 9lb13oz on his due date. I think I just built him up! (But he’s still giant so I figure genes were the key factor not my eating)

  15. math.nerd

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    @LCTBQE: I'm waiting to hear back from her about a specific measurement that was excluded from the written directions. I'll let you know what I hear back!

  16. Seslsesl

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    Hi everyone!

    @bhbee - After panicking and crying at my midwife appointment on Monday, she confirmed that baby is still head down and pretty locked in place! I was worried he was transverse because there'd be times when I'd feel big bumps on either side of my stomach, but she said that was probably just him pushing his butt one way and legs another. I've totally stopped worrying about it and am now just preparing for baby to get here one way or another!

    I'm officially 38 weeks today and completely ready for him to get here - I don't remember being this anxious for my first to arrive - not sure if it's just because I'm not working full-time (summer break) and so not as distracted or what, but I'm a little crazed about wanting labor to start. I haven't actually done anything to get things going because ultimately I want him to come when he's ready, but I wouldn't mind if it was within the next week!

    @math.nerd - those postpartum pads sound heavenly! I might look something like that up and get some started.

    @LCTBQE - I've been horrible about making meals ahead of time. With my first, there were a few hours between when my water broke and when contractions started, so I made a lasagna, but I haven't done anything this time. We might just live off lots of simple pasta dishes, frozen veggies, and frozen pizzas for a while...

    I'm totally with everyone on wanting my body back. My hips ache in the morning, I can't move from a seated position to standing without groaning, and forget bending over. A big, but totally weird thing, is that I can't wait to not be pregnant so I can deal with our cats' litter box again - it's usually my job, but my husband's been dealing with it since I've been pregnant and let's just say he's not as fastidious about it as I am and there's a lot of nagging that I'd really like to stop having to do...

    I hope everyone is feeling as good as possible and getting through these last few weeks with more patience than me!

  17. bhbee

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    @Seslsesl: good work baby on staying head down!!

  18. bhbee

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    just had to play tooth fairy for the first time. must be time to have another baby!!

    seriously though, these BH are getting intense. it feels like my uterus is bearing down hard and I can feel it through the tops of my thighs. reallllllly hoping this isn't going to go on for 3 whole more weeks. trying to drink a lot but I'm sure the 110 degree heat here isn't helping. and on the flip side I've started to freak out about having a fast labor. oh the fun of the last few weeks!

    hope everyone has a good weekend!

  19. Seslsesl

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    @bhbee: How fun! Playing tooth fairy, not the intense BH.

    I'm feeling the same way - I had intense cramps yesterday morning, felt so much pressure last night, and my body just feels so ready and I can't imagine another 12 days (or more!) of this!

    Even though I'm ready for him to come, all of the people who offered to take care of our daughter when I'm in labor are out of town this week, so logistically it'd be easier if he waits another week so we know someone can be with our four year old, but another week sounds sooo long!

    What is everyone planning for sleeping arrangements when baby arrives? We have an Arms Reach bassinet, but our new bedroom is pretty small, so we'll have to rearrange some furniture to fit it if it's going to go right next to my side of the bed. Anyone else room-sharing at first?

  20. bhbee

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    @Seslsesl: I hope your baby waits just until your help gets back! I know I’m probably kidding myself on the pressure etc really meaning anything for me. I remember thinking for sure labor was starting at 37 weeks last time and he was born on his due date!

    We have usually room shared for about 10 weeks (I think?) until sleep got better. This one may be longer since the alternative to sleeping with us is sleeping with another kid! We have a PNP bassinet that will take up every inch from bed to wall which is annoying, but so nice for feedings to have them close. I wish we had something smaller but too cheap to buy something new for a short time period so we’ll hope it works!

  21. LCTBQE

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    has everyone packed their hospital bag? I just am packing mine today because the HB-er Sweetiepie reminded me to get my shit together as she went into labor at 36w (!). I remembered my eye mask, ear plugs, chap stick, XL iPhone charger, yoga pants, baby take home sleeper--what am I forgetting?

    @bhbee: hahahahahaha, I'm sure you will be astonished that no the low-carb does not sound "good to me". didn't you mention that you were constantly nauseated during the third tri too? my nausea is full-force during almost all waking hours. it feels different than the first-tri morning sickness, and not as bad, but it hardly ever goes away. not to even mention the heartburn, if it is possible to overdose on pepcid ac I'm going to anyway all that to say carbs are easier to stomach than steak and eggs. sorry about your BH, mine are ramping up but don't sound as intense as yours. do you really find that hydration helps that much? and damnnnn I love Texas but when it's over 90 it does start to get to me, 110 sounds like fainting walking from the house to the car level.

    @math.nerd: yes LMK! I'm going to make some

    @Seslsesl: phew re baby being head down! that's great news. and yes I'm also having trouble finding people who are going to be in town to watch our son--everyone is on vacation in August! my best friend is signed up for now, but sadly her dad is dying and she could get called out of state at any point, so I can't totally count on her. what are you going to do if you go into labor early? as for sleeping arrangements, we're just planning to replicate what we did with our boy--rock n play by my side of the bed for 4-5 weeks and then move to the crib in the nursery. I could also do our PNP instead as it's a true flat surface--going to feel it out, but basically I agree with you bhbee, too cheap to go buy a Halo bassinet or something for just a few weeks.


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