How do WOH parents find balance in managing work, parenting, and household duties, particularly on weekdays? We seem to struggle to find a good balance in our home of keeping up with everything. We both work demanding 8-5 jobs, never getting home before 5:40 at the earliest. DD really needs to be in bed by 7, between her and the dogs it is often a mad dash from the moment we walk in the door to feed and bathe her, feed/walk the dogs, etc. and we are lucky if she is in bed by 7:30. We almost never have dinner together as a family, because cooking would take too long - and most days by the time we are done fighting the bedtime battle we are just exhausted and ready for bed ourselves, last night DH and I didn't even eat dinner.

The house is constantly a mess, laundry and dishes are a never ending battle. I try and clean on the weekends but it's never enough time and within a day it seems I've made no progress ... I couldn't even tell you the last time my floors were cleaned. We struggle to make real meals unless it's a really really good day. I feel like I'm losing my mind some days and though we want to add to our family, I don't know that we have the capacity for a second. Tell me I'm not alone, everyone around me seems to have it all together ... but I would be mortified if someone walked into my house right now in it's current state!