How often does your SO do activities on their own that doesn't involve you or the family in some way? DH enjoys going to the shooting range and asked to go tonight after work. We have a 2.5 yo and a 10 month old so weeknights are kinda crazy (and I WOH). I got a little miffed about it. I prefer a little advanced notice on these sorts of things and suggested Thursday was better, but he pushed for tonight. He just went shooting on Sunday afternoon. He really doesn't do stuff like this much but I am just wondering what the norm is for people with busy lives and young children. I basically never do anything other than get up early in the morning and work out at a gym several days/week. Everyone else is still in bed except maybe the last 15 minutes that I'm gone though so I don't really see it as the same thing... I hate that I feel like a tyrant whenever this stuff comes up. I suggested he start planning a night per week so that its on the schedule and I can anticipate it. I know I'm sort of being inflexible and I"m wondering what the norm is?