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Extracurricular balance

  1. NorCalWayfarer

    nectarine / 2134 posts

    No advice bc this is an issue with us currently. DH coaches a sports team and he's gone 3x a week plus a big chunk of Saturdays for games. He also has hobbies that he wants to get in once in a while. I take one night a week "off" and DH does bedtime -- I usually go out to dinner with a friend or go shopping/run errands, so not super relaxing. He tries to do the hobbies when I'm going somewhere with LO on the weekend (like a playgroup) so he's not missing out on additional time. But I'd really like to have some time to workout, get my nails done, do something for myself, but it just doesn't seem like I have the option since he's already gone 3x a week and I want to spend a couple nights together as a family At least with sports the schedule is pretty set so there is plenty of advance notice. Sorry this isn't helpful, just commiserating.


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