I just thought this would be an interesting question for all ladies. What are some "secret" or low key hobbies or interests you have? Could be something you love doing or just something you're interested in. Like do you have favorite show or things you do most people when they met you wouldn't expect.

I'll start. I do not match most stereotypes when it comes to being a "nerd" a lot of people never knew I was into this kind of stuff growing up. I get very embarrassed talking about it with other moms especially at pick up or events. I play DnD and Magic the Gathering every other week with a few close friends. My husband and I actually do this together and love collecting MTG cards and I love collecting dice. Im an artist and even though I do a lot realistic portraits I enjoy drawing fantasy art and my big dream has always been to get my artwork in DnD books or on a magic card. I hardly talk about it with family and most people I met. A few friends know but thats it. 🙈🙈🙈