LO is currently a little over 2 yrs (26 months old) and just started day care 3 days a week. Most of that time he was growing up, DH has taken tennis lessons 1 day a week after work for a few hours. He comes home at 8:30pm (after LO goes to bed). He also has recently taken up golf and has a lesson or golf outing with buddies once a week. I am a SAHM.

We are expecting our 2nd in early August and I'm wondering if I should mention to him that he should stop those lessons/outings until our newborn is no longer newborn anymore...or until I can get a handle on having two kids.

How do I go about "telling" him to stop? He might come to that conclusion on his own but what if he doesn't? He has already stated he doesn't want to stop his tennis lessons.

Do you think husbands/significant others should stop all extracurricular activities until a certain point in time? Or should I let him have one day a week to blow off steam from work?