We moved out of state and bought a new house in a neighborhood that is about 50% done being built. There is a great lot/house that my parents are interested in. I am all for it but my husband is a little weirded out by the idea of it (but not against it). I do agree it sounds weirder than it actually will be. It is a different street but still probably a 1 minute walk. But the lots are large and wooded so there is privacy. They are nice normal people who give us space and never would impose on us. When we lived about 15 minutes away from them before we saw them maybe once a week, they always left it up to us when we wanted to come over. Because I know they are this way I know it will work out and only really see the positives.. like when it comes to babysitting, being close if they or us needed anything, being able to see my mom easily mid week when my husbands working and we are free. I know this would not be an ideal situation if the parents had boundary issues or were needy with spending time with you but my parents are so far from being that way. If my husband said he didn't want them that close then it wouldn't be happening. He has a great relationship with them but since he finds it a little strange its just sort of bothering me.

So, has anyone lived very close to their parents or in laws?
Experiences? Good or bad?