So I've actually been having a problem with my MIL since DD/Baby #1 was born. Baby #2/DS was just born a month ago. Her attitude sucks and she's obsessed with my children. I think it's because my daughter is the girl she never had. Acts as if my girl is hers. She steals them from others and tortures them! Just yesterday she kept kissing my DD and my DD hated it. She kept making a face a pushing her away but my MIL kept doing it. She also chases her for kisses and hugs but not in a fun way; always interrupting her playing nice and independently. She also picks her up when she doesn't need to be. Then when I try to talk to my MIL about this she says I'm very particular and I want everything just so. She thinks I'm a snob. I tell her I am the mother and she's like well I'm the grandmother. More and more I think she was a horrible mother, the way she coddles my children and my 37 year old brother in law who still lives at home! She thinks it's ok to do what she wants and never ask me anything! I hate her attitude. She's also got a memory problem. She's asked me how I like my new stove three times. My husband says that's normal for her age but I thinks it's more than that. Lastly my daughter calls my MIL Grammy like a Grammy award. My MIL says grahammie and I keep correcting her but she never listens (to this or anything else) and keeps saying grahammie. Drives me bonkers! Just say it right. How hard is it? So any ideas or suggestions?