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  1. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3005 posts

    @MaryM: my little guy is low, too. My first son was always very low, as well. I guess that's just how my babies like it? Haha, but yes, the demi-panels are pretty uncomfortable for me, too. I am grateful, though, because I know a lot of people who carry high have a hard time with breathing, etc. Pros and cons for either, I guess!

  2. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3005 posts

    @bushelandapeck: glad your appointment went well!

  3. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @theotherstark: I'm high and low! Occasional pelvic floor pain along with shortness of breath when walking up a flight of stairs. YAY FOR TWINS! Haha.

    But seriously, I'm feeling a lot more movement these days and it's so exciting! I just felt a little something and it's only 10am, I think that's the earliest in the day I've felt something! Like most babies, they're more active in the afternoon and evening. I loooooove feeling them move!

  4. skiierchck99

    cherry / 204 posts

    @dominobee: I feel her most when I stop moving. I guess that makes sense with the whole "Happiest Baby" theory that the movement and noise lulls her to sleep and when I stop she wakes up!

  5. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    @dominobee: I've been feeling my baby mostly in the morning when I wake up, after I eat lunch and in the evening right before I go to bed. It is such a cool feeling. I'm riding low too, and it is a weird feeling having him sit so low in my pelvis.

  6. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    Also, appointment went well yesterday. Anatomy scan results were all normal! YAY! Baby's head is in the 64%, which I'm sure my pelvis will be happy about at birth!

  7. MaryM

    GOLD / pomelo / 5060 posts

    @Tionn3: At our last OB appointment baby's head was in the 80s%.

    I looked at DH and his giant head, and wondered what the hell I got myself into! He's not a small man (he's a foot taller than me built like a football player)... I have fears of having to birth a giant baby.

  8. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    @MaryM: Oh wow, that would definitely explain the 80%! Both my DH and I are small, I'm 5'3" and he is 5'5" I wouldn't be surprised if we made a small baby.

  9. MaryM

    GOLD / pomelo / 5060 posts

    @Tionn3: I changed my facebook photo to an actual photo of us so you can see our difference in the group. It's kind of ridiculous. I tell people it's a survival mechanism. I need him to reach the stuff on the high shelves (though it's really just frustrating because he seems to put EVERYTHING on the high shelves I can't reach!)

  10. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @Tionn3: Congrats on a good scan!!!

  11. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @MaryM: OMG WOW haha! Also, that umbrella pic is adorable

    They didn't give us a growth percentile but we're both on the short/average side (I'm 5'3" and he's 5'10"). I have a small head and I think his is average.

  12. MaryM

    GOLD / pomelo / 5060 posts

    @dominobee: I didn't even consider wearing heels to my wedding because I knew it wouldn't do anything (as far as making me look tall) so I went for comfort

  13. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    Welp, just found my first stretch marks on my belly. They literally popped up over night. Guess I should get used to this since I still have 19 weeks left and am going to get much, much bigger.

  14. skiierchck99

    cherry / 204 posts

    @dominobee: I've got them...on my boobs! So annoying - I was expecting the stomach ones but my boobs?! Come on. the one time I get to have a decent sized pair and it's ruined, haha.

  15. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @skiierchck99: oh I’ve had them on my boobs since 6th grade. Welcome to the cruel reality of big boobs.

  16. skiierchck99

    cherry / 204 posts

    @dominobee: Yeah, I've had them on my butt, hips, and thighs since about then, so I expected them generally but still.

  17. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3439 posts

    Last time I didn't get stretch marks on my stomach, but I did on my breasts (20ish weeks) and upper inner thighs (40 weeks).... like really? But all my tummy skin got stretched in general. I fully plan to have a tummy tuck / DR surgery when "done." I don't want to look pregnant forever, even though I love being pregnant when I actually am.

  18. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5717 posts

    @Tionn3: so glad your appointment went well!

    @dominobee: I’ve been lucky so far *knock on wood* to avoid the stretch marks. We shall see this time around though.

    @DesertDreams88: if I end up with distasis recti this time for some reason, I will definitely be planning to get my tummy fixed. It didn’t happen with my other two pregnancies but I have heard from a few people that it has with their third.

  19. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3439 posts

  20. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1781 posts

    @dominobee: I think you mentioned your anniversary was today or tomorrow, I hope you have a good one and enjoy finding out the genders on your two little bugs

  21. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    HOLY COW!!! About to be very outnumbered LOL!

  22. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1781 posts

    @dominobee: yay congrats 2 boys!

  23. LadyDi

    apricot / 263 posts

    @dominobee: Were you completely shocked?

  24. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @LadyDi: Pretty much! Though I had a feeling there was at least one boy. I just keep laughing thinking about my future!

  25. LadyDi

    apricot / 263 posts

    @dominobee: I understand the feeling. I am going to have a male-dominated future. Even my cat is a boy.

  26. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    @LadyDi: Haha! We have a male dog and a female cat. My one and only “daughter.”

  27. MaryM

    GOLD / pomelo / 5060 posts

    Catching up after a busy weekend.

    Our AS was Monday. Everything looked great and was where it as supposed to be. And this little boy has NO modesty and made it VERY obvious he's a boy. lol

    And he's measuring right at the 50th percentile. Thank God!

    I read the doctor's notes that went into my chart last night, and it's no wonder I haven't been feeling as much movement (I can hear it on doppler, but only feel bigger movements). My placenta is anterior. But at least it's not previa (which the NT sonographer freaked me out about).

    We follow up with the doctor today.

  28. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1357 posts

    @DesertDreams88: Ugh I'm sorry about the pneumonia drama. It does sound like the nurses are being overly cautious and you are ok to spend time with them taking necessary precautions.

    @dominobee: Congrats on your two boys!!

  29. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1357 posts

    @MaryM: Hi cutie! So glad you had a great scan.

    I asked the Dr. at my anatomy scan where my placenta was and she was like "why, are you worried about something?" No lady, I'm just curious! She didn't even really give me an answer, she just said it was all normal. I feel a lot of movement but it's still really sporadic and during the am and at work I barely ever notice anything.

  30. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1357 posts

    How's everyone doing on the name front? We are not early namers and we don't use the name really until after birth so we haven't made much headway. I did suggest one name to my husband that he said maybe to but I'm not sure if it sounds good with DD1's name. Our DD1 has a name ending in -ah and I'm wondering if it would sound weird to use another name that sounds that way at the end?

  31. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3439 posts

    @petitenoisette: I never feel anything at work either, it was the same with LO1 - I think since we're moving around so much, we just don't notice the comparably small movements of baby. As for names, we are the opposite, I've had this name picked out since high school and luckily DH agrees

    @MaryM: so glad you have a great AS! 20ish weeks down, 20ish more to go!

  32. MaryM

    GOLD / pomelo / 5060 posts

    @petitenoisette: I didn't think to ask about it, but then I started wondering. I figured the narrower part of the ultrasound is closest to the wand, and the thing that looks like the slime monster from Ghost Busters in front of baby's face is my placenta...so...

    When I saw the notes were posted, sure enough it stated the placenta position (there were notes because my doctor sent me to a radiology lab)

    I've heard so many horror stories of people getting scans done at labs and the tech not telling them anything. The woman doing mine was SO kind and compassionate! She told us everything she was looking for and when they all looked normal. She wouldn't say anything good or bad at the end (she had to confirm with the doctor on site), but since everything was good throughout, it was pretty obvious.

    But when she went to confirm with the doctor, DH admitted to me that he didn't see most of the things she was talking about. lol. I think ultrasounds are like those magic eye pictures to him. He could see the profile and the gender reveal (because that was obvious!) but that was about it

  33. MaryM

    GOLD / pomelo / 5060 posts

    @petitenoisette: Our name has been set. We've agreed to not discuss nicknames again until he's born and we can see him (since we couldn't agree on that). But DH calls him Junior and I call him by his full name. Or just Little Name (it's the same first name as DH)

  34. MaryM

    GOLD / pomelo / 5060 posts

    @petitenoisette: Oh, and I usually only feel movement if I'm really hungry, or just ate a ton of sugar, or if I have caffeine. I'm pretty much only feeling when he completely flips over.

    Except I think he was moving a TON yesterday. I had to walk a bunch at work and it was hot, and I think he shifted around a lot because I was more active than usual.

  35. skiierchck99

    cherry / 204 posts

    @petitenoisette: @MaryM: I have an anterior placenta too and think I felt her less for a long time. It was nerve-racking hearing people say they felt movement at 15-16 weeks - I didn't feel a thing till 20 weeks and even then it's only been in the last few days (end of week 21 into week 22) that I have started to feel it more consistently. Right now baby girl likes to move when I am not, lol.

    @petitenoisette: @desertdreams88: We are 100% on our first name (though we do also have another strong contender girls name in case we're not feeling it last minute) and are just deciding between my grandmother's first and middle names for baby girl's middle name. Might be a game time decision. I keep joking too that with my luck and the fact that we had no definitive boy name we'll end up in the 5% who are surprised!

  36. MaryM

    GOLD / pomelo / 5060 posts

    Oh, and another milestone checked off...we're registered for daycare. Ugh. It seems so insanely soon to have to have done that!

    DH dropped the check and application off yesterday. He said the director got teary over us coming back in. She was the AD when we applied for Virginia and was in charge of calling people who'd visited to see if they were still interested. She said she kept seeing "Do not contact" next to our name and it made her so sad. She's so happy to see us coming back.

  37. periwinklebee

    GOLD / nectarine / 2857 posts

    @MaryM: I've been thinking of you and waiting for your AS update - so, so happy to see that everything is well! I also have an anterior placenta. My kid's cue to wake up and kick like crazy is me laying down to go to sleep

    @dominobee: Congrats!!!!!!!!!

  38. LadyDi

    apricot / 263 posts

    @petitenoisette: Ugh no names. I have a middle name picked but now that we are having a boy the only thing I can think of is all of the GIRL names that I love.

  39. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5717 posts

    @dominobee: I still can't believe it!

    @petitenoisette: still no names set in stone over here....DH hasn't given me anything to work with but did say he like one of the names I sent him last week. We don't agree on the nickname for that one though so....

    @MaryM: that's so nice about your daycare provider. I have to seriously start thinking about that as our nanny is graduating from college in Jan and will likely be looking for a regular job shortly after. Nannys for 3 kids are hard to come by, and expensive, so I don't know what we will end up doing as daycare isn't an option with my schedule.

  40. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3005 posts

    @dominobee: congratulations!! Ha, this baby is our second boy, too! And we have a boy dog I am quite outnumbered as well!

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