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July 2018 moms

  1. Mrs. Champagne

    coconut / 8164 posts

    Location: Ontario, Canada
    EDD: I think around July 28
    First child? No, this is number 3
    Any symptoms? Tired. Boobs hurt a bit and a bit nauseous starting today.
    Who have you told? A few friends, my husband and my mom.
    Current thoughts/feelings/fears? Happy but nervous. I've had two miscarriages. One between my son and daughter and one in August. Hoping things end happily this time!

  2. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    @LaughLines: Good luck at your u/s tomorrow! I also feel like I have a noticeable bump and I'm only 6.5 weeks...I think it's because I was pregnant so recently my body jumped right into gear.
    @Mrs. Champagne: Welcome! Sorry to hear about your m/c in August. I had one in September so I'm feeling similarly. Hopeful but very nervous. Thinking of you.

  3. Mrs. D

    pear / 1852 posts

    Congrats to all everyone! Here's hoping all our babies are sticky!

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    27th: TLL
    28th: auggiefrog
    4th: Mrs. D
    5th: pmrlady
    7th: elljay
    8th: ChiCalGoBee
    12th: chypmunk

  4. TLL

    pea / 10 posts

    Appointment went well today! I was a nervous wreck last night though.

    Got to see baby's heartbeat and he/she is measuring right on track. Tech was so nonchalant about it all but I was so relieved to see that heartbeat!

  5. cnidaria

    cherry / 128 posts

    @Shantuck: I thought I recognized your name Good to see you here again!

    I know they say that every pregnancy is different... but I never dreamed just HOW different that could be. With my daughter I was really lucky, all I ever had were sore boobs and fatigue. This time? Everything (except the sore boobs). Fatigue, sooo thirsty all the time, weird taste in my mouth, breaking out, I can smell everything, and the night before last I spent the night throwing up every hour, to the point that I ended up in emerg for IV fluids yesterday. My hat's off to you ladies who have had to/are having to deal with this, I had no idea "morning sickness" could be like that!

    We hadn't planned on telling anyone about this pregnancy until Christmas, but I ended up needing to tell my mom yesterday (she's the one who took me to the hospital).

  6. elljay

    apricot / 259 posts

    @cnidaria: that sounds awful - were they able to give you anything to help, like diclegis? I hope it lets up for you soon.

  7. elljay

    apricot / 259 posts

    Our appointment went well today! Baby is measuring on track with a heartbeat of 178 bpm. Loved seeing this little gummy bear on the ultrasound!

  8. saboma

    cherry / 105 posts

    @elljay: yay for healthy baby!! Looking very cute already!

  9. saboma

    cherry / 105 posts

    @Mrs. Champagne: welcome! We started in the Feb 2016 board together. I was so sad when you lost that baby, but so happy for you that you’ve since had your little girl! Lots of sticky baby dust your way, friend!

  10. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    @elljay: Congratulations! Amazing news!

  11. elljay

    apricot / 259 posts

    @saboma: @ChiCalGoBee: thanks ladies! It definitely helps ease some of my worry.

    @LaughLines: @auggiefrog: hope your appointments went well today!

  12. cnidaria

    cherry / 128 posts

    @elljay: They did give me diclectin (same as diclegis), yes. Something has definitely helped, I'm still not much interested in food but at least stuff is staying down now!

    Cute baby gummy bear

  13. LaughLines

    clementine / 877 posts

    @elljay: went well! Both babies are growing and have strong heartbeats! I officially "graduated" from my RE!

    @TLL: @elljay: congrats on your good appointments! It's such a relief to cross that huge hurdle!

  14. saboma

    cherry / 105 posts

    @LaughLines: that’s great news!!

  15. Mrs. Champagne

    coconut / 8164 posts

    @saboma: oh thanks so much!

  16. auggiefrog

    kiwi / 631 posts

    I’ve been a bit absent. Sorry. My first appointment didn’t quite go as planned. My OB must have just left for an emergency delivery right as I got to the office. So I had to reschedule. I did however meet with h her last week, and I’m happy to be in her hands.
    I did still have my ultrasound. Baby is measuring on track and had a heartbeat of 127. It was a bit scary at first though. The tech couldn’t get a good read on the baby, and she switched from a vaginal us to a belly one. It was much more comfortable anyways.
    Here is my blob.

  17. auggiefrog

    kiwi / 631 posts

    @LaughLines: great news!

    @elljay: oh, gummy bear!

    @cnidaria: I recognize your story from the WB FB group! I’ve been much more active in that group though. Sorry to hear about the symptoms. Hope it gets better soon for you.

    @TLL: Hooray!

    @Mrs. Champagne: I had a MC this summer as well. It’s made this pregnancy a little more difficult to embrace. I’m looking forward to the end of the first trimester when I’ll hopef finally let myself be pregnant.

  18. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    @auggiefrog: Congrats on a great appointment! So happy to see so many babies!

    My husband had a work trip come up so my OB squeezed us in Monday (I was supposed to go a week from Friday). I'm nervous but hopeful. So glad it's only 5 days away!

  19. elljay

    apricot / 259 posts

    @LaughLines: that's great news!

    @auggiefrog: glad to hear everything went well at your appointment - cute blob!

    @ChiCalGoBee: that's great that you were able to move your appt up! Waiting is SO hard!

  20. chypmunk

    cherry / 197 posts

    My appointment isn’t until the 12th, but I got a sneak peek at work, measuring up to date and heartbeat at 155 here’s my peanut!

  21. pmrlady

    apricot / 316 posts

    So nice to see everyone's US pics! I also got a sneak peak today ahead of my doctor's appt next week. Baby measuring 6w5d with HB 145. I'm pretty relieved because I barely have any symptoms

  22. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    @chypmunk: Wow! Congratulations!
    @pmrlady: Congratulations!

    Hope I'll be able to keep the good news train going after Monday's appointment, but I'm also completely terrified it won't go well. Sending good wishes to you all, and extra hugs to mamas who have been through a loss/losses, too.

  23. chypmunk

    cherry / 197 posts

    @ChiCalGoBee: thank you!!! Sending you happy vibes and sticky baby dust in your direction for your visit Monday!!

  24. pmrlady

    apricot / 316 posts

    @ChiCalGoBee: good luck on Monday! The anticipation is the worst part.

  25. elljay

    apricot / 259 posts

    @chypmunk: @pmrlady: love the sneak peeks glad everything is on track!

    @ChiCalGoBee: hope you have a nice, distracting weekend so the time passes quickly

    Just realized we left the folder from our doc appt that says "Congrats! You're Pregnant" out on the table - and my MIL was over at our house this week. Whoops...

  26. Shantuck

    persimmon / 1458 posts

    I'm already waiting forever for my first ultrasound (I'll be 9 weeks by my count) but I had to push it another day due to a work conflict that came up. Luckily my OB's office has Saturday hours but now I'll be with a random doc I've never met and I'll have to find a sitter for kiddos 1 & 2. I feel like I need to see this baby because I'm still only half believing that there is a baby in there after my blighted ovum two years ago.

  27. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    @chypmunk: Thank you. Fingers crossed!
    @pmrlady: Thank you! Yes, exactly. A friend's mom just congratulated me and I like can't even be excited about it until I know what's going on.
    @elljay: Thank you! I have some virus I'm fighting off which stinks but feeling awful is certainly distracting me from feeling nervous so...net win?
    @Shantuck: I totally feel you. Luckily I'm getting in earlier than 9 weeks but I know what you mean about not believing it until I see it.

  28. LIL BEAN

    cherry / 166 posts

    Tentatively joining...

    Location:Vancouver, Canada

    EDD: July 24

    First child? No. My DD will be 3 years and 4 months by the due date.

    Any symptoms? Yes! But I'm on progesterone so not sure how much is that and how much is just pregnancy. Nausea, fatigue, acne, pinching and pulling, and SO HUNGRY! I wasn't hungry like this with my first. Like, tummy growling only 20 minutes after a meal.

    Who have you told? DH, parents, a bunch of friends. I like the support. I'll announce to the whole extended family at Christmas if the ultrasound goes well. Also, my sister is visiting from Australia at Christmas and I'm excited to tell her in person! (It's also her FIRST TIME meeting DD in person! All the emotions...)

    Current thoughts/feelings/fears? Well, I had a MMC in February. So I'm not letting myself get excited this time. Which kinda sucks. I feel like I just need to be patient and wait until the ultrasound and see a growing baby before I can start to get excited. Then the next hurdle will be genetic testing (NIPT).
    My other concern is that I am now 43. Will be 44 when this baby arrives. Never thought I'd be such an old mom, but here I am. DD was born when I was 40 with zero concerns. All natural. This one conceived naturally as well. (Ok, a little Preseed help because why not?) The cool thing is, the doctors don't even bat an eye at my age. They take it seriously, but not like it's impossible!

    So, fingers crossed and re-crossed that this lil bean will stick around! I'm 6w4d today. Eating all the brain food I can think of!

  29. LaughLines

    clementine / 877 posts

    @LIL BEAN: So excited you're here! Really hope this is a sticky one for you and we can have babies the same month again!

  30. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    Hi ladies-I fortunately had a good first appointment this morning. We saw the heart beat flickering and he set my due date in relation to LMP as 7/20, although I was measuring a little ahead of that which I'm perfectly fine with! He is having me come back on 12/22 (10 weeks) to take another look and make sure things are progressing.

    Best wishes to all with appointments this week!

  31. Shantuck

    persimmon / 1458 posts

    @ChiCalGoBee: Wonderful news! I'm sure you must be so relieved!

  32. Mrs. Champagne

    coconut / 8164 posts

    @ChiCalGoBee: yay that's awesome!

  33. elljay

    apricot / 259 posts

    @ChiCalGoBee: that's great news!! So happy for you!

  34. pmrlady

    apricot / 316 posts

    @ChiCalGoBee: yay for a good appointment!

  35. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    @Shantuck: Thank you! Yes, relieved! I have about 5 more weeks of big stuff to get through before I will really start to breathe more easily, but this is a huge first step!
    @Mrs. Champagne: Thank you!!!
    @elljay: Thank you! Me, too! So glad we've had so much good news on this board.
    @pmrlady: Thank you! I'm beginning to think about the future...at least a little bit!

  36. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    @LIL BEAN: Welcome! Sorry about the MMC . So hoping this is a healthy little baby for you.

  37. saboma

    cherry / 105 posts

    Hi ladies,
    Just looking for some support here. I’ve had some really sad/negative thoughts about this pregnancy recently. I just don’t feel pregnant anymore. I’m not getting any bigger or gaining any weight, and I feel like I should be by now (9 1/2 weeks). I’m still nauseous all the time, but I’ve heard that symptom can carry on even if something has gone wrong.
    DH pointed out that we found out super early this time, and have been telling people really early, so I probably mentally feel like I’m further along than I am, but actually I’m probably right on track for where I am. I guess he’s probably right, but something is just bugging me.
    I have my first appointment with my midwife next Tuesday. Can’t wait for confirmation that everything is ok...
    Anyone else feeling first trimester blues??

  38. elljay

    apricot / 259 posts

    @saboma: sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. I felt a lot better after the ultrasound and getting confirmation that there was a heartbeat. Any way for them to squeeze you in earlier than Tuesday? I hope the nausea is a good sign that everything’s okay, and I think weight gain varies a lot from person to person (and pregnancy to pregnancy). I wish I had some more advice - first tri is so hard!

  39. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1964 posts

    @saboma: I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. I totally understand your concern. Is there any way you can get the appointment moved up if you're feeling incredibly anxious? I know a lot of people feel similarly in the first trimester. I'm wishing the next 5 weeks will speed by so I can feel a little more confident in this baby actually being okay. You are definitely not alone in your worries.

  40. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    Is it ok if I hang out here while I impatiently wait for an August 2018 board?

    Location: California

    EDD: August 10

    First child? 2nd...DS is 14 months

    Any symptoms? Today was the first day I felt super nauseous...other than that, just tired

    Who have you told? DH, a couple close girlfriends, the ladies from my Oct. 2016 due date group

    Current thoughts/feelings/fears? Had some bad baby blues after DS...scared of that happening again, and just nervous in general about 2 under 2

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