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  1. ElbieKay

    nectarine / 2702 posts

    @pmrlady: I sorted it out and will just dial in. Luckily a senior person from another team was scheduled to attend this meeting which is unusual. We have different jobs but she is capable of running point and agreed to help out.

  2. pmrlady

    apricot / 304 posts

    @ElbieKay: great!

  3. cnidaria

    grape / 92 posts

    @Kitkat: Yes, we were It's all been on FB so long that I just completely forgot everybody's original HB names lol

  4. oldschooolmama

    pea / 22 posts

    @kitkat- Welcome and congrats!

    Roughly 6 more months until we get to meet our little babies!

  5. Kitkat

    apricot / 253 posts

    @saboma: Do you mind me asking what in particular you’re doing to avoid it this time? I was never officially diagnosed, and I think a huge part of it was me not being prepared for how hard it was and how sleep deprived I would be. People tell you about the lack of sleep, but I naively thought I would be so happy to have this baby we tried so long for that I would just be kind of blissfully exhausted (lol). It was also really hard to believe people when they would say something was a phase. Hoping that now that I know what to expect, it won’t hit me as hard.

  6. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1842 posts

    @pmrlady: Congratulations! Mine is tomorrow, and I'm really nervous for it! Let me know if you want to be added to the Facebook group.
    @ElbieKay: Sorry about the m/s. I had a lot more nausea than with my first (successful) pregnancy, and have only thrown up a handful of times. It's so rough, and I know I have it easy!

  7. cnidaria

    grape / 92 posts

    @pmrlady: Congrats on a good scan! and @ChiCalGoBee: best of luck with yours tomorrow I have mine scheduled for Saturday morning. Hard to believe we're all so close to (or in) the second trimester already

  8. xInfinity

    cherry / 238 posts

    I haven't really posted in here yet because I had a weird feeling about this pregnancy and was worried it was another missed miscarriage. Had my 12 week scan yesterday and found out it's twins! So I'll send my email to be added on facebook, hoping we can keep these babies cooking until July.

  9. ElbieKay

    nectarine / 2702 posts

    @xInfinity: omg congrats! So now we have three twin pregnancies Do you know what kind of twins you have? Mine are mono di and @Laughlines has di di twins.

    Also let us know if your head is spinning. Mine still is, and I have had two weeks to adjust to the news.

  10. oldschooolmama

    pea / 22 posts

    @xinfinity- Congrats! That is super exciting!

  11. Kitkat

    apricot / 253 posts

    @xInfinity: congratulations!! So many twins in July!

  12. xInfinity

    cherry / 238 posts

    @ElbieKay: Oh my gosh I'm still completely stunned! I have a 3 year old and 20 month old already so I'm super scared for 4 under 4. Well...the ultrasound tech told me that they are fraternal. I've now learned that the only way to know that from ultrasound is if they are boy/girl and we don't know that yet. So either my tech has no idea what she's talking about or she just uses that as her simplified way to say di di without explaining the terms and details. But I'll discuss with my doc at my next appt.

  13. ChiCalGoBee

    GOLD / pear / 1842 posts

    @cnidaria: Thanks, it was great!

    @xInfinity: Welcome and congrats on the twins! I sent a Facebook invite to the address you listed-let me know if you didn't get it!

  14. ElbieKay

    nectarine / 2702 posts

    @xInfinity: Ummm I read on the internet (so obviously reliable!) that a third of identicals are di di. It has to do with how early they split. So I bet she meant di di. Or she has no idea what she is talking about and you need a new tech! I was told at my last scan that mono di show the sacs as fainter "bubbles" around the babies while di di show a more explicit "T" shape separating them because the membrane is thicker.

    I'm sure they will clarify at your next appointment.

    I think the only way to confirm that di di are identical is if you do a cheek swab after they are born to compare their genes.

    ETA: I am totally freaked out about how I will manage two babies and my son. At least he will be 4.5 but this is going to be a helluva shock for all of us.

    Also you are lucky that they are di di so that you do not have to worry about TTTS!

  15. xInfinity

    cherry / 238 posts

    @ElbieKay: yes exactly. By her saying they are fraternal, I at least know they are di di. But apparently it's really common for ultrasound techs to assume di di are fraternal even though it's not always true (more common but not always) I'm really looking forward to seeing my Dr and getting some info and confirming this stuff.

    Yes, trying to picture caring for 2 newborns at once is scary enough, add in 2 older kids still at home full time with me and I'm super terrified!

  16. pmrlady

    apricot / 304 posts

    So my first trimester screen blood test came back positive for Down Syndrome (1:200). The nuchal translucency was normal. My OB said I should do the NIPT before doing anything invasive like an amniocentesis. The NIPT is supposed to be more accurate. I'm not too worried since it's only 0.5% chance of being Downs, but seeing the word "abnormal" on the test result is making me a little anxious....hopefully I can get the NIPT test asap.


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