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  1. Sams Mom

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3226 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Plain old Robitussin is what I used, it helps, but like you said not the cure all. If you're active duty, I feel for you on the tricare army hospital front! I grew up outside of a military base and had a lot of friends that are in or married into the service. It does sound like you have a good one though!

  2. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Yes, I feel like they would definitely tell you if something was wrong! They'd want you in for additional testing and to give you time to make decisions.

  3. foodiebee

    cherry / 245 posts

    Our MT21 came back completely negative!

  4. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @foodiebee: congrats!!!!!!’ Wonderful news!!!!! Love all the positive events on this board.

  5. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @Sams Mom: thanks - you understand my pain as I am active duty. But I did get a great OB with lots of experience and a sense of humor so I think I’m in good hands even churning theough the giant bureacracy that I work in. And get my medical care through.

  6. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @foodiebee: Yay! That's great news!

  7. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1082 posts

    @foodiebee: Woo hoo, great news!

  8. Sams Mom

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3226 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: hey, are you still in Anchorage? Or did you end up around Fairbanks? Either way are you good after the earthquake?

  9. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @Sams Mom: I came back in Wednesday afternoon - thanks of thinking of me. Was supposed to come back today and would have been caught in the earthquake. I’m praying everyone there is okay. Never would have thought of an earthquake there.

  10. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1082 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Wow. I was just reading about this. Glad you are okay. So sorry about the devastation there.

  11. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    So I have to share. Today my DH has gone above and beyond for me. I’m so sick with a cold and it was my birthday. And the pregnancy continues to take a toll on me. And he doesn’t complain and today did so many little thoughtful things for me without me asking because I feel so poorly. Makes me think I don’t always thank him enough.

  12. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1082 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Aww happy birthday! I really hope your symotoms subside soon along with your cold. What a sweet husband. Thanks for sharing, I’m in the same boat and have truly been awful to be around this pregnancy and my husband has stepped it up and just accepts all of it. I don’t thank him enough either. Hope you had a great birthday.

  13. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Happy belated birthday!

  14. foodiebee

    cherry / 245 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Happy birthday! My DH has been the same, really thoughtful.

  15. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    I had my 12 week appointment this morning. My OB couldn't find baby's heartbeat with the doppler but thankfully I wasn't freaking out. I knew the baby was higher than he was looking but didn't want to admit I'd been using a doppler at home.

    Anyway, I got a free ultrasound out of it and baby is fine with a heart rate of 150. It's crazy the difference between my 8 week and 12 week ultrasounds - it actually looks like a little baby now!

    We're doing a gender reveal Saturday morning with our families and I'm so excited to find out. I feel really certain that this baby is a girl and my husband thinks it's a boy (we both slightly prefer to have another girl). We'll see!

  16. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2071 posts

    @skinnycow: lurking ☺ I was convinced this little guy was a girl and he wasn't so you never know. I was so glad we found out by ourselves I wasn't disappointed but it definitely took me a couple days to wrap my mind around the change. Good luck!

  17. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @MamaBear87: Thanks! I don't think I'll be disappointed with a boy but my husband might be. He'll have lots of time to wrap his head around it before birth, though, so that's nice. Congrats on your little boy!

  18. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    Got some bad news just now. The blood results detect a possible Trisomy 18 issue with the baby. So will be having an appointment with genetics counselor as to what it means. Going to take this one step at a time and not panic. But could use prayers right now. Knew this was a risk since I’m older.

  19. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: I'm so sorry - sending good thoughts your way! Did you find out from your NIPT? I know there is risk of false positives so fingers crossed that's the case for you.

  20. Sams Mom

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3226 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: O man, I am so sorry you're dealing with this stress. At this time though, it's not a sure thing. Take it as it comes, and know we're all here for you.

  21. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2071 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: oh no. So sorry. I have absolutely everything crossed for you that further testing comes back all fine!

  22. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 989 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Thinking of you. Hopefully it turns out well.

  23. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @skinnycow: @Sams Mom: @MamaBear87: @Mrs. Toad: thanks ladies for the positive nature of your responses.

    I feel very calm. I talked to my OB after I got his voicemail. He could only tell me it’s an increased risk with no numbers associated with it. Which I like numbers. So he’s referring me to meet with specialists/counselors to go over the risks of more invasive testing so maybe DH and I can decide what to do next. Sounds like I wouldn’t know more until next week.

    I’m in the Chicago area for work until Thursday afternoon so the timing is crummy. But I feel very calm and not worried. God put us on this path since we weren’t actively trying. I’ll keep praying and will be asking trusted friends and you wonderful ladies for prayers until we can learn more.

  24. LabradorLover

    apricot / 490 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Lurking but letting you know that I am here for you. We had a positive screen for T21 come back in my last pregnancy and I went on to have an amnio to get a clear diagnosis. Unfortunately for us, it came back positive. Praying this is just a false positive for you! Reach out to me if you have any questions at all! Thinking of you.

  25. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @LabradorLover: thanks for lurking and responding. Honestly it means a lot to me.

    After reading about all the false positives in the initial screen - not certain I’m telling anyone other than on here and DH. I now have a level 2 ultrasound scheduled for next Tuesday and the follow on after the ultrasound with a genetics counselor. So I’ll be praying and can use all the prayers and should know more in a week.

  26. foodiebee

    cherry / 245 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Thinking of you and hoping your future tests come out well

  27. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Glad you're in a good state of mind and you'll have answers soon. Hopefully the next week goes by quickly for you

  28. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1082 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: You have such a positive outlook on this. Sending prayers your way and really hoping that it is nothing and they're just being extra cautious and communicative. Still, I am so sorry about any worry you're experiencing. Thinking of you!

  29. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @SupernovaJ: thanks for the well wishes. Means so much to me.

    I happen to have a college friend I’ve stayed in touch with who is an OB GYN and she really offered me some good thoughts and questions to ask at my appointment next week. She was totally excited about my pregnancy and told me not to worry for now. It really helped having her to listen.

  30. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    I think this little baby is reminding me that it’s still here!

    It seems silly but it’s what I thought just now. Wow - nausea ramped up so high in the last 24 hours and it isn’t lessening. Will be so glad to go home tomorrow assuming I get a handle on the nausea and throw up before boarding the plane.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

  31. foodiebee

    cherry / 245 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: I'm sorry you aren't feeling well still! And I hope you do okay on the plane. It'd be awful to get sick midflight.

    AFM, I'm starting to see the light and feel better. I still have some nausea around bedtime and eat a few Saltines to help, but it is starting to get better, thank goodness.

  32. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: @foodiebee: Sorry you're both still dealing with some nausea. Mine is totally gone (along with the extreme tiredness).

    The only symptoms I have currently are getting up to pee 3x/night and my obviously pregnant belly. I told my bosses about the pregnancy but none of my coworkers... if they look at my stomach they can obviously tell.

  33. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @foodiebee: your good news gives me hope. I had a few days this week where I thought it was improving and then it really got bad Tuesday and Wednesday. Feeling a bit better - just a little queasy and so run down (pregnancy and still recovering from my cold and travel seems too much for me) this morning. But I’ll be home in 6 hours and can rest today before tackling some delayed work.

    And I plan to decorate for Christmas this weekend - one of my favorite holiday activities beyond spending time with family and cookie baking.

  34. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @skinnycow: if I didn’t like you ... I might be upset that you’re feeling much improved.

  35. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Ha! As weird as it sounds I was really hoping for morning sickness this pregnancy - I thought it would be nice reassurance that every was progressing.

  36. foodiebee

    cherry / 245 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Your experience sounds really similar to mine. Until this past weekend, I was still nauseated most of the day every day without a break. I'd have maybe two days a week where it was a little better, giving me hope, but always have a really hard day following that. This weekend started the turn for the better for me, so I'm hopeful you're close to that too.

    @skinnycow: My tiredness is improving too! Thank goodness. That was really rough. And finally the dreams are easing up and I'm sleeping better. The first trimester is NO JOKE.

  37. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 538 posts

    @foodiebee: I just looked at your EDD and realized we are only a day apart - that our dates are so close and that you have turned the corner does give me hope that I may start feeling better (or is it less gross??? 🤪) soon.

  38. skinnycow

    pear / 1532 posts

    @foodiebee: In my experience the second and most of the third trimester are so much better! You should be past the worst of it.

  39. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 989 posts

    @foodiebee: @MrsJBeeG: I'm finally starting to get more good days in a row than bad ones. I actually managed to take the national day of mourning and almost finish my Christmas shopping. Glad to hear that others are as well.

  40. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 989 posts

    @foodiebee: @skinnycow: I'll second skinnycow. I don't mind the second or third trimesters, but I HATE the first. I feel great, slow moving, but awesome. I don't even mind being big at the end of the third as I still feel good. I do need a support belt during the third tri though.

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