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  1. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 665 posts

    @greencraftycello: haha yes! This week alone we’ve had fried motzarella sticks from the pizza place around the corner and last night was caramels. Previously it was subway sandwiches and all the fruit. So different from our DS where DW could barely eat anything the whole pregnancy without being sick.

  2. ruby26

    coffee bean / 35 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: omg, now I must have mozzarella sticks. It's 10:45am and I'm searching for a place to get carryout mozzarella sticks.

    To answer the question- @greencraftycello: My cravings seem to be purely on a suggestive level. I don't usually crave anything weird or strongly unless someone mentions something!!

  3. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    @greencraftycello: I've been wanting tomatoes with salt and pepper. I've been eating at least one a day. And sweet food so u e been eating lots of fruit. With DS it was mandarin oranges and ice cream.

  4. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    We are having another boy!! I couldn't be more excited! DS was so happy/overwhelmed he cried, it was adorable.

    He is measuring big, 6 days ahead. I won't be surprised to have an early big baby. DS was born 13 days early and was 9lbs 5oz.

  5. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 665 posts

    @ALV91711: yay for brothers! We are so pumped to have 2 boys too that is just the sweetest that your DS cried! How old is he?

  6. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: He's 5. He was supposed to come to the ultrasound but is pretty sick so him and DH stayed home. I think they were both bummed to miss.

  7. MrsBucky

    kiwi / 635 posts

    @ALV91711: hooray! We aren’t finding out, but DS (3) is CONVINCED it’s a girl. When I came to pick him up today he said “here comes mommy and baby sister!” I’m seriously worried he is going to be disappointed if it ends up being a boy (which my MIL says is all I will have 🙄)

  8. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

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  9. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @ALV91711: Congratulations! 💙

  10. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    @MrsBucky: That is so cute. Hopefully he will be happy with the baby no matter what it is.

    @crazydoglady: Thanks!

  11. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    I'm totally feeling the second time mom thing and realize time is going to run out. Tomorrow I'm half way and today I bought the first thing this pregnancy, a sleep sack for the winter! At least we have the crib & change table still and a few odds and ends. But I got rid of almost everything last fall.

    How prepared is everyone else/how prepared are you feeling?

  12. MrsBucky

    kiwi / 635 posts

    @ALV91711: I’m feeling the exact same way. I have done literally nothing to prepare. We have my son’s old things, and my bestie has promised me hand me downs from her girls if this peanut is a girl. We have a crib, but need to get a new car seat (long story). I also have 0 baby holders. (No rnp, no bouncer, no playmat) b caus eour place was so tiny last time there was no room. We have started considering names but somehow I seem to hate everything this time around, haha. I don’t really decorate nurseries, and we don’t have a dedicated room for this one right now anyway. Gah! I’m 21 weeks Wednesday and feel like I should at least have a list of what I need to do!

  13. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3597 posts

    FTM, 19 weeks now, and I haven't done a darn thing. I thought about finding some list of what I might need to do cause another friend of mine who is a week behind me was telling me she started to look at day cares. And I'm like WHAT?!?! ALREADY?! So I finally flipped through the welcome packet from my OBs office, hoping to find a timeline of things I should be doing... and the only thing I found was that they recommended registering for birthing classes around 4 months... oops. Am I way behind here, are there things I should actually be doing??

  14. MrsBucky

    kiwi / 635 posts

    @PurplePumps: I think it depends on your area re: daycares. When we were in NYC, I think it's around nowish that I made my husband start searching for care options (I could not emotionally handle it). That said, I negotiated a 6 month leave, so we had a bit more time. As for other stuff, I think I started putting together my registry from friends' recommendations, and I signed up for a birthing class, but mostly that was because I wanted to take Bradley classes and knew that was a longer commitment (8 weekly classes) and filled up quickly in my area. So I'd consider those factors and select what makes sense to work on and in what order based on your preferences and the demands on the area you live in!

  15. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @PurplePumps: FWIW, I didn't take a birthing class. It's a great idea, but I wanted to just stay open to all possibilities.

    I would probably start a baby registry/list. Lucie's list https://www.lucieslist.com/baby-registry-basics/ is my favorite resource for creating a registry from strollers to blankets to cribs, etc.

  16. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @MrsBucky: @ALV91711: As a 2nd time mom, I am feeling so much more relaxed this time around about preparing. By this time with my son, I am pretty sure I was (obsessively) testing out several paint samples. I am currently working on little girl's nursery in a much more chill way this go-around.

    My list (since I have yet to think about it):
    --wash, organize, and supplement newborn and 0-3 month clothes
    -- finish nursery
    --move DS out of crib into twin...yikes
    -- buy/make some freezer meals
    --finish lesson plans for mat leave
    --get new breast pump & have ready to go before birth
    --decide whether or not to buy double stroller
    -- set up swing, cosleeper
    --get DS a toy "from baby"

    I think that's it!

  17. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3597 posts

    @crazydoglady: oh thanks! that is super helpful. My typical style is to just wing it, but I feel like I'm not doing anything that I "should" be. My husband was just telling me maybe I should read some books, like the what to expect when you're expecting, and I'm like ehhh... we'll just see what happens! haha

  18. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    @MrsBucky: A list is a good idea. I keep thinking of making one but should maybe get on it. We aren't doing a nursery right away since he'll be in our room and we'll need a guest room for when our mom's come.

    @PurplePumps: A timeline would be awesome to be given, would make things easier. I think researching what gear you want to buy and start watching for deals is good to start now.

    @crazydoglady: The top of my list this time will to be pack a hospital bag. With DS my water broke and I had not one thing ready to go, was kind of a scramble.

    Yesterday a lady at work offered me a bouncy chair and today another offered me a car seat and stroller. This is making things easier.

  19. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @crazydoglady: My DS is still in the crib too! We moved our office to the basement and are having it painted and turned into his big boy room so he'll be making the transition by his birthday to leave plenty of time before the baby arrives to get the nursery ready for round 2!

    I started a registry on Amazon to keep track of things we want/need for #2 and to give ideas to any friends or family that ask.

    Overall, DH and I feel like we are doing way less this time around but a lot of things are already set. We kept all the big gear and registered at the same daycare DS attends. We have started talking about baby names and it is hard because I used my favorite one for DS and nothing compares!

  20. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @ALV91711: Nice! And thanks about the reminder for the hospital bag.

  21. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: Glad to hear I am not alone with the nearly 3 year old in a crib! It's been working so well that I haven't wanted to change it! I am nervous about the transition.

  22. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    Name is one thing we have decided. We each had a favourite boy name and after finding out DH said he really liked my choice and that is what we should use. Baby boy is going to be Owen. 💙

  23. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    How is everyone doing/feeling?

    I'm feeling pretty good but I get tired out so easy. I forget that I need to take it a bit more easy.

  24. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @ALV91711: I definitely forget that I am pregnant sometimes when I am busy chasing a toddler. I have been exhausted by 7 pm every night!

    The baby did not cooperate at our anatomy scan and only showed us its back so I have another ultrasound scheduled for Friday to hopefully see its face. They also saw a very small cyst in the brain which I was told not to worry about but am anxious to see if it has resolved.

    We are stopping at the OBGYN office on our way to the beach for the holiday weekend. I'm hoping my Dad can come in the room and see the baby since he'll be in town.

  25. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: Hopefully baby cooperates this time. I really hope the cyst has cleared up and you have nothing to worry about. Have fun at the beach!

  26. MrsBucky

    kiwi / 635 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: I hope baby cooperates and all is resolved! Enjoy the beach!

    I realized I had no long pants other than jeans for camping this weekend (why did I agree to go camping?!?!) and ordered these on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078JF325J/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Despite not being maternity, I think I love them! I think they will work nicely postpartum also, which is a plus.... I just thought I'd recommend them in case anyone else needs something for the summer heat.....

  27. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    @MrsBucky: those look super comfy!

    We are going to be going camping a couple times this summer and it seems a bit crazy but got to take the little man out.

  28. MrsBucky

    kiwi / 635 posts

    @ALV91711: it’s now calling for rain the whole weekend but my husband still wants to go. Le sigh. I am not a huge camper but try to be supportive since it’s something my husband loves. All my in laws are camping for a wedding about 1.5 hours away in August and I drew the line at camping at 8 months pregnant.....

  29. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @ALV91711: I'm a little late, but I love the name Owen! Picking a name feels great, doesn't it? This little girl has been named Violet since before the anatomy scan....I'm glad we didn't have to choose a boy name again because DH and I could not agree on ANYTHING.

  30. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: Hoping baby cooperates on Friday! Is the cyst one of those CPCs? L had those and by 28 weeks, they had completely resolved.

  31. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @ALV91711: I hope you have fun camping!

  32. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 702 posts

    @crazydoglady: Yes it is a CPC and the u/s tech said it was super small but after DS got sick last year I kind of live in a mindset where I worry about the worst case scenario so hoping it is resolved tomorrow so I can move on.

  33. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: I TOTALLY get it. Without other markers, they essentially don't mean anything, but I absolutely understand the worry 100%.

  34. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    @MrsBucky: I wouldn't be going camping at 8 months either.

    @crazydoglady: Violet is so pretty. I love having a name picked and that it was easy (aka DH let me choose!). But we still mostly refer to him as baby brother.

  35. BecBeeAtx

    pea / 6 posts

    Hello, Everyone! It's been a little quiet on here and I wanted to check in.

    Is anyone working on a nursery? It feels a little early, but waiting feels overwhelming.

  36. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 665 posts

    @BecBeeAtx: yes! Since it’s our second and our storage area was so messy, I started bringing stuff up to the baby’s room a few weeks ago. DW is 28 weeks today and our son was born at 35 weeks...hopefully that doesn’t happen again but we’ve been doing stuff early. Crib is up, clothes sorted and washed, dresser put together, curtains up and we went on our baby moon this past weekend. Going to start an amazon list this week of things we still need to buy like white noise machine, diaper cream, etc. Like I said, we are paranoid! DS was born the weekend of our baby moon and baby shower last time so we are taking no chances! We had an amazing relaxing weekend at a resort in the mountains.

    Anyone else doing a baby moon getaway?

  37. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @BecBeeAtx: I'm glad you revived this! I've been working on the nursery for months (if you could scouring etsy. We JUST moved DS to a twin bed and mobed the crib into the nursery. I have the curtains in the nursery up, have put together the crib with the new linens, and have planned out the gallery wall (just need one more final piece to arrive.) I also need to sand, prime, and paint the dresser that will be going in there. I also ordered a bookshelf shaped like a dollhouse and these paper flowers from etsy to go over the crib. After that...i *think* I am done with decorating.

  38. crazydoglady

    pear / 1543 posts

    @muffinsmuffins: I can see why you feel the need to plan early! And congrats on the 3rd trimester! I am just a few days behind. I actually went on a sort of "babymoon" with my sister who is due 6 weeks before me. We went to a day spa which was awesome. I think DH and I are going to go on an overnight trip in late July or early August. We do have a family trip to San Diego coming up.

  39. muffinsmuffins

    kiwi / 665 posts

    @crazydoglady: day spa sounds so fun! I got a pedi and DW got a massage this weekend which was awesome. We have one more trip for a kid-free wedding end of July then we will hunker down close to home til baby comes.

    While I loved our getaway, it’s crazy how quickly life returns to normal when we return and it’s like we never left! DS was overtired and crusty as anything when he got dropped off yesterday. He even said ‘I don’t like you mama!’ For the first time ever! Makes me nervous for two of them ha.

  40. ALV91711

    grapefruit / 4894 posts

    We are going to get the room ready beginning of July. DS asked to move rooms so baby could have his room, so there is lots to do.

    DS an I are away this week for a visit with family. My sisters are throwing a shower, so after that I will probably figure out what I want to buy and start looking for deals.

    This pregnancy seems to be going by so fast!

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