I am going to try to make this concise and not offer tons of information that is unnecessary to my question, which I tend to when I post on here.

My baby girl, 10mo, has finally improved from 30 min naps to a typical 1h-1h15min nap. I am so glad she did improve, but this length still makes it really hard for me to figure out ideal bedtime/naptimes. I tried to implement 2-3-4, and it really doesnt work too well with 1 hour naps.

7a: typical wake time
9a-10a: nap 1
1-2: nap 2
Bedtime is 7. She can barely make it 4 hours on a good nap day. Usually she ends up waking more like 145ish. I haven't consistently tried 6pm bedtime but it feels way too early for me and the times I have tried it she woke up a million times. I usually try to do a cat nap at 4ish but she often isn't quite tired by then and its a tough time for me to manage with dinner approaching, cranky 3yo, etc.

Any insight or suggestions?