DS just turned 1 year on Monday and starting a few days before his birthday, his sleep turned crazy. A little background. DS has been nap trained and sleep trained and was sleeping 8pm to 5am (nurse) then back to sleep until 7am pretty consistently. He'd nap 1-2 naps per day for a total of 2-3 hours. He was starting to do more 1 nap days so we figured he was transitioning to 1 nap. Nighttime and nap 1 were in the crib and nap 2 was in the stroller when he was out with his nanny (he has playdates and the nannies eat lunch together while the babies sleep in their strollers).

Starting a week and a half ago, DS started refusing to nap in the crib. As soon as you'd put him down he would stand up and go to the end of the crib closest to the door and whine. If you tried to put him back down, he'd just get up again. So I've been letting him nap in his stroller since he's a mess if he doesn't nap and he's been napping decently that way.

He also would do this standing routine when he would wake at 5-5:30am after nursing instead of going back to sleep. Twice this week he's also had a MOTN wakeup and its taken 2 hours to get him back to sleep and I've either had to get him to fall asleep in a carrier then transfer him to his crib or put him in the stroller. He's still going down fine at the beginning of the night and mostly sleeping through to 5am. Most days this week because he's been calm when he wakes at 5, we've just gotten up for the day. I really don't want to do this but trying to get him to fall asleep until 7 if it takes a long time to get there just doesn't seem worth it. He's taken 2 naps for a total of 3 hours on these days.

Milestone-wise, he started walking about 2 weeks ago but started walking more than crawling about a week ago.

Anyone experience anything similar or have any advice on how to deal with a standing, sleep refusing baby?