DS 15 month wellness is tommorow and I'm terrified. I don't know why, but I can't stay off google. Why can't I quit diagnosing my child? For those of you who've given me advice in the past, y'all know about DS eating issue, Its gotten tremendously better. The road has been really slow but I'm hoping within the next week or two DS will finally Be eating only table food. which I need some suggestions for, but that's another post. what I'm currently worried about is the fact that DS doesn't respond to his name. He doesn't point, he doesn't wave, and has no words. So...yea..I googled, and I really shouldn't have. What I'm posting for is, I want to know if babies learn how to point and wave by mimicking, and if the fact that DS has 5 nicknames would make a difference?
I'm going to be honest I never wave or point, and nobody he's around waves or points. I'd didnt even realize this was a milestone untill I looked up the not answering name thing. You can bet though that for the last 3 days I've been a waving, pointing fool. Is it something he'llpick up now that I have everybody trying to teach him? As for the name thing, literally everybody in our family calls him something different. P, baby p, chunkus, doodle, boo boo. I'm honestly not even sure if anybody has ever called him by his real name except aquatintences. Is this my fault? I could understand if he only has one nickname, but he has 5! I've instructed everybody to call him by his given name now, and I'm hoping that he's not ignoring me and just doesn't realize his name. I know I'm rambling now, but I'm just super worried about tommorow, it's all I can think about since I stupidly googled.

ETA: DS is not walking yet either, but he started pulling himself up 2 weeks ago and has taken a step or two, I'm not worried about this, since he's showing progression, but maybe this makes a difference in regards to the other issues.