Hi everyone,

My 17 month old is currently in a Britax convertible, rear-facing/middle in our sedan. We'll need to add an infant bucket to the mix soon...

I've read that the Britax should stay in the middle because it is "less protected" than the bucket. I assumed then that the infant bucket would go behind the passenger seat.. My thinking was that the passenger side is better/safer when unloading and such because it's the curb side.. Is that correct, or is that more about preference?

Logistically I'm not sure if both will fit in the car rear-facing, so in that case, would it make more sense safety wise to switch to forward facing for my toddler, or have both rear facing on each side (empty middle seat)?? I believe there is LATCH on both ends, but the middle would have to go with just the seatbelt install.

Eventually we'll get a minivan (eek), but in the meantime, thanks for the help!!