Calling all twin moms.....

I feel like there is something I am missing that is super obvious....

Getting ready to switch to our big kid car seats (twins are 16 months) and I can't figure out how to safely bring them into the house when we get home from daycare each day.

Currently, I park the car in the driveway, carry the car seats in one at a time, return to the car and pull it into the garage (the passenger side has so little room to open the door so I could never navigate a car seat in or out on that side), then go to my babies and let them out of their car seats.

Moving forward, I think I would still have to do the park in the driveway gig and put the kids into the house before I pull the car in.

Anyone have any "safe" ideas for how to do this so they don't run like mad people around the house....... or bang their heads on the floor (a current joy...).......I'm afraid if I gate them in a super small area, they will hurt each other (we are entering a biting/hair pulling phase....)