How long should my 2 year old be sleeping overnight? In average we put him in the crib at 7:30 and hes asleep by 8. In the winter when it was darker in the morning he was sleeping until 7:30, sometimes 8. Once summer hit its bright in the morning and hes up at 6-630 more often than not.

I thought it was the sun, but even on darker mornings he is up early.
we are moving him to a different room soon because I'm pregnant and we will use the nursery for the new baby. I fully plan on blackout curtains in there.

He has also in the last few days learned how to unzip his sleepsack. I wonder if he is getting cold...? Since I wake up 3 times in the night to pee right now I've been trying to cover him better but it's not easy because i dont want to wake him. We tried a blanket one night instead but he fell sleep on top of it instead.

Two nights in the last three he has not fallen asleep until after 9. He just talks to himself and tosses and turns. Doesnt cry. But he cant be getting enough sleep when this happens!! Last night it was around 9 he finally fell asleep and this morning he was up at 5:45.

Is this a phase or is a combination of sleep sack, bright room, etc?

Maybe we should turn off the AC so its warm in his room and he doesnt even need a blanket or sleepsack?

For his naps he is usually in there for 2 hours. It might take him a half hour (sometimes 15 min) to fall asleep so he is getting at least 1.5 hours there.

I'm just worried he isnt sleep enough...