I was in BRU the other day, looking for a new car seat for my son. The woman was showing me the latest Britax Frontier, which uses both LATCH and the seat belt in order to provide the maximum weight usage on the seat.

From what I understood, LATCH alone is only effective up to a certain weight (seat and child combined), so that means high weight limit seats without the LATCH/belt combo are effectively worthless...this worries me because while my Britax is good until 70 pounds, accouting for the weight of my son and the seat, we're probably already butting up to the edge of being able to use the seat! I thought I could use that seat until he was 70 pounds.

I realize this sounds completely disjointed, but I am trying to get some information on the current weight limit for LATCH. I think it might be around 60 pounds.