My 22 month old has struggled with recurrent staph infections in her diaper area for months. We've done a few courses of oral antibiotics when it's really flared up and became more widespread. We've also tried topical antibiotics, regular bleach baths, and tried a few other homeopathic remedies. But the infection just keeps coming back and has started spreading to her legs and torso when it flares up at this point. Our pediatrician told us today that he thinks we won't really be able to knock it until she is out of diapers at least in the daytime, and encouraged us to start potty training ASAP.

I'm so conflicted, because trying to potty train at 22 months feels like it goes against everything that I learned with my older daughter. We tried to start potty training with her sooner than she was ready around two and a half years old, and ended up with a host of problems until we backed off and let her take the lead (closer to age 3 1/2 or even a little after). Potty training wasn't on my radar with my younger one for at least another year, unless she gave me some big sign otherwise.

Does anyone have encouraging stories of potty training before 2, either out of necessity or because your kid was ready? Or, has anyone seen that potty training put an end to persistent diaper area staph infections? (That one is probably more of a long shot!) For what it's worth, she's a pretty cooperative kid, asks for a new diaper often and is very communicative in general...but ugh, I'm just not feeling ready for this. But on the flip side, I'm also anxious to stop the steady stream of antibiotics and manage her recurring breakouts better, if this would make a difference. Sorry this got rambly - thanks for any advice!