So firstly I have an appointment with a neurologist so I'm not asking for the internet to diagnose things but the earliest they can get us in for now is July and I want to crowd source to see if anyone has been here before / something comes to mind to research.

My daughter is 26 months old. She's been "slower" to hit milestones but generally gets everything right before the cut off (ie I called EI for her speech and before they could come and assess her she decided to start stringing together two word combos and added quite a few new words). She's never been the epitome of grace but she was pretty "normal" for her age -- she started walking at 15 months.

A few weeks ago my husband pointed out that she was less balanced than before. She kind of wobbles and loses her footing and falls more. On Saturday 5/5 it was very obvious and I was upset enough that I decided I was going to call our pediatrician to get the ball rolling on things but then she woke up with a stomach bug on Sunday and her walking was also improved. I decided to monitor more b/c it appeared she was sick and that seemed like a bad time to try and diagnose her. Her walking improved vastly from that Saturday but she still has missteps and baubles. She got a second stomach bug (grr) a week after the first. This time there was some dark green vomit / bile so we called the MD. They brought her in b/c of a lot of random symptoms vs. one solitary complaint. Her suggestion was that her gait was not ideal for a child of my daughter's age but that it wasn't awful and it would be more concerning if there was a decline vs. my daughter just being ungraceful. We watched some earlier videos we have of her and she seems much more confident in february-april videos than she is now.

Neurology can't see us until July. Her ears are clear. Just throwing out any relevant information-- we've had an awful winter. She has had 4 GI bugs (we are confident the first two were viral things since they affected multiple people in the house but the last two she is the only one), at her 2 year old well visit the MD said she had so much fluid in her ears that he would have given me an antibiotic if I said she had a fever or was fussy, and lastly she is getting at least two of her back molars now and seems rather bothered by them. I asked the MD about the molars just grabbing at straws and she says it is unlikely to be related but just due to the sudden onset of symptoms and the fact that multiple are coming in around the time things started I have to wonder if they are creating some kind of pressure / affecting her ears.

Anyway, that is a novel. I'm stressed there is something wrong with her and I don't have much to lean on now. I appreciate any anecdotes or things to look into!