I'm so frustrated right now. My 3 month old LO just can't seem to get past 30 minutes for naps. We're on our 3rd day of attended sleep training, based on the baby whispered method.

I put him in a swaddle suit in the bassinet, play white noise and place my hand on his chest. He cries for anywhere between 1 to 20 mins (this has been improving) then goes to sleep. I keep my hand on him with the intention of removing it when he goes into deeper sleep but he never transitions. He doesn't seem to be having major jolts, just a little one then a few minutes later starts opening his eyes. I have also tried removing my hand as soon as he goes to sleep but it makes no difference.

He generally is awake for 1h 30m although it gets shorter due to these naps. He goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps well, waking for feeds at 1am and 5am then up for the day at 630 to 730am.

Does anyone have any insight at all? He's so overtired and I'm going crazy!