We just finished night sleep training DD (will be 16 weeks tomorrow.) She is exclusively formula fed. We used the 12hrsx12 weeks extinction feeding method and she now sleeps from 6:45pm-5:45am (bedtime/night bottle begins at 6pm and she's in her crib by 6:45). I know this is AMAZING but 5:45 is too early for her to wake up and I know she needs more sleep at night (12-13 hrs).
Even though we have successfully eliminated all middle of the night feedings, there is part of me that thinks a 10pm dream feed might help. But then I'm also afraid that's a step backward.
I will say she only takes about 26oz/day on average. and her last bottle before bed is never more than 4oz. (She takes between 6-8oz in her morning bottle.) So she might just need to get bigger and older and be able to eat more.
She also naps in her stroller/mamaroo now because I'm waiting to start nap training, and I know good sleep begets sleep so maybe that will also help.
Any sleep experts want to weigh in?