I knew it wouldn't last forever. Our unicorn sleeper seems to have given up sleep in general. It's 2:35 am and she's been up since 12:30. And is screaming her head off while I rock her, resisting sleep. I've fed, rocked, given ibuprofen, bounced, set her down, tried the plug. I think she's eventually going to cry herself to sleep in my arms. Same thing last night between 3-5. Oh, also she's refusing to nap except for one 2-3 hour nap mid morning. So... this seems to be the 4 month regression, coupled with the start of teething. I'm just trying to figure out if there's something I'm missing. The screaming while being held and rocked is pretty awful. Up until a week or so ago she was sleeping 10-11 hours without a peep. Tell me it gets better quickly!