My little one used to go to sleep at 8pm and get up around 7:15/7:30am since he was about 11wks old. He is 20wks tomorrow and all of a sudden he is waking up at 9:30, 11, 12:30 and 1 or 2. It's awful. I haven't been feeding him, he'll go back to sleep with the pacifier, but at around 1:00, I have had enough and give up and just feed him. He's seemed to have developed this scream when he cries at night. He used to just wake up and babble to himself in the morning and it was great, now it's torture. A few of the wakings (1 or 2) are because he's rolled himself to his belly (his new development last week), but the rest he's fine.

Any suggestions? I've tried letting him cry but after 10 minutes or so it's a scream. Anyone else experienced the same things? Suggestions?