I seriously feel like a brand new mom again even though I have done this once before! Our DD who's 5 weeks is not napping well during the day suddenly. She naps a little better if I have her in the living room with us (my son and I) where all the noise is or if shes in my arms. As soon as I put her in the room in her bassinet swaddled with sound machine and shusher she wakes up exactly 20 mins later every. single. time. It's frustrating because when we go to bed she does the same thing and I am ready to sleep before she wakes me for a night feed! Is this a normal 5 week old thing? Sometimes she just seems restless even at night. We ended up switching her formula to sensitive and using probiotic colic drops per the pediatricians advice and that helped with a lot of the gas and fussiness but man I would like to put her down or have her nap in her room so I can get things done! I am just forgetting that this is how it is at this stage?