DS is obsessed with trains and as a result almost every one of our weekends in the last few months has involved a train ride. Most are just a $3 commuter train ride a stop or two on the way to wherever we're going. It's easy and it makes him so happy. I was wondering how long DD would be cool with so much attention on trains. It appears we have reached the end of her rope.

DD is now asking that we spend equal time on her interest - stylishness. I am certifiably unstylish but I'm game to pursue her interest. I just can't figure out what activity could go with "stylish". It apparently does not involve dressing up and having me take pictures - that's posing. It does not involve clothes shopping. I suggested a trip to the fabric store and a sewing project. She was into that idea but apparently that isn't stylish either.

I could distract her with other interests but since she asked I'd like to come up with something that makes her feel like I'm addressing her wants. Any suggestions?