My almost 7 year-old really wanted a sleepover party for his birthday, but that is definitely not happening, especially with a baby in the house. So we’ve planned a sleep under. We will have 8-10 7 year-old boys (and one girl) from 5-730. We will be doing pizza, an episode of Pokémon, make-your-own ice cream sundaes, and maybe a piñata if I can figure out where to rig one up inside. I don’t want to over-plan (as I tend to do) and have them do a whole bunch of activities if they just want to be wild and play around, but I also want a way to reel it back in if anyone is being left out or if it’s just gotten too wild. So far, we’ve thought about balloon tennis (with paper plate “Racquets”) and maybe Twister? Or sardines? (Backward hide-and-seek) Also considering some sort of sit and pass game (with a present with multiple wrapping layers or something) if we just can’t recover.

I’m thinking:
5-530: arrival/games
530-6: pizza
6-630: Pokemon episode (timed so I can nurse baby, but dad is available)
630-7: ice cream sundaes/opening gifts
7-730: games/hoping parents pick up on time

It is likely to be both cold and dark, even at the beginning of the party (probably snow and 20 degrees), so outside activities are out. I don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time preparing something and then feel like we need to use it if the boys are having a blast doing something else, so I’m looking for easy prep.
After typing this out, I might be regretting this choice