My 8 month old has been dropping from the growth charts. He is exclusively breastfed and intolerant of milk and soy. I need ideas for how to fatten him up (or just to tell me I am paranoid).

He was born 8lb 9 oz and about the 20% on the combined chart. He gained weight fine even when he was diagnosed with reflux. At about 3 months I went on a total elimination diet and he plateau'd with weight. We found he was intolerant of Soy as well and he started gaining weight again. At our 6 month appointment he was in the 2 percentile. Since then (2 months) he has dropped from 2 percentile to the 0.5 percentile. In 2 weeks he has only gained 1 oz.

He should have doubled his birth weight (16 lbs) by 6 months and he is just now 15 lbs at 8 months old.

His feeding schedule typically looks like
4:30 am nurse (5-10 minutes 1 side)
7:00 am 7 oz bottle of breast milk
11:00 am nurse (5-10 minutes 1 or 2 sides)
12:30 pm solids (as much as he wants at least 2 oz)
1:00 pm 3 oz bottle of breast milk
4:00 pm nurse
5:30 pm solids (scraps from dinner followed by 2 oz or more of puree)
6:00 pm nurse
11:00 pm nurse

Any ideas/help would be appreciated. We aren't looking to supplement with formula at this point as they are all milk based.