DS is almost 5 months and is hitting all of his milestones and is doing great despite a stomach bug and a few colds we brought him to his ped for (thanks, daycare).

I am concerned, however, because while he is gaining, he keeps dropping in height and weight %. I went through similar threads and it seems like it's NOT the norm to drop consistently like that. When LO was born he was 23rd for weight and 78th for height. At 2 months he was 26th for weight and 34th for height. Now, at exactly 4 months, he was 14lbs, 24 inches or 16th for weight and 20th for height.

LO's pediatrician has seen him recently for his 4mo appt and is not concerned at all, but did not mention specifically his drop in percentiles, just that his growth chart looked great and that we don't need to supplement or worry about solids until 6 months. (he is EBF and has not had formula yet).

Does this seem normal to you? The pediatrician puts me at ease a little, but the office is pro-breastfeeding and I'm wondering if that influences their recommendations? Would you get a second opinion? I'm super worried and can't stop thinking about it. He is very active though and is ahead on all of his milestones- the ped couldn't believe how strong he was at his appointment- he was showing off rolling all over the place!

For reference, LO gets 6 bottles a day (between 21-24 ounces) and nurses 2x a day. I've tried to up his bottle size but he just spits up (he does not normally spit up at all).

Any advice would be awesome!